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Sep 13, 2012 08:16 AM

All-Fruit Bars Recipes?

Hi All,

You know those bars you can buy at, say, Whole Foods--they're all dried fruit, no nuts, no grains, just fruit, at least I'm pretty sure they're all fruit. Anyway, my 3 year old loves them and asked me if we can find a recipe (pointed to the laptop) for them. I bought one at WF the other day, though, of course, threw out the wrapper. I'd love to find a recipe for them that we could make together. The one he liked was raspberry but as long as it's red, he'll be happy.

Everything I found online had either nuts or grains. I'm not opposed to either, but he liked the texture of the all-fruit.

I'm figuring it's something like putting various dried fruits in the food processor and then forming into bars? If anyone has an actual recipe, I'd love to see it!


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  1. I don't know about fruit bars, but in the 70's, a neighbor used to make fruit leather.

    Google fruit leather.

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      I'll give that a shot, but fruit leather is really flat. This isn't that hard, though, I'd imagine one could interpret a leather recipe to re-create the bar. Good advice, thanks.

      This is my favorite one! Fruit & nuts tho but very adaptable and I've done tons of riffs.
      Keep to the measurements but play around with the ingredient list to your desire!

      I've used rice krispies in place of nuts
      Changed the fruit choices nearly every time.