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Sep 13, 2012 08:14 AM

fresh chili de arbol

Does anyone know how to use fresh chili de arbol peppers?

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  1. You can grind them up along with some other chilies and make a Rojo sauce. I put chilies in slow cook dishes - chili, greens, etc. then remove before serving and reserve for folks who like heat.

    1. I make a chili sauce... delish first you put the chili in a skiillet and take out the stems and with a little oil brown them and put a couple cloves of garlic not to long put them in the blender with a small can of tomato sauce and salt so easy and so good

      1. I do the Rick Bayless recipe ... Toast the chilies along with garlic in an ungreased skillet. Stem the chilies and peel the skin off the garlic...add both to a food processor ... Roast some tomatillos (broiler or grill) for about 8 minutes turning every so often. Add to food processor. Add a pinch of sugar and enough water for the consistency that you like for salsa. Easy and tasty.

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          I believe that is with dry Chili de Arbol.

        2. They are almost always used dry.
          You could sub the fresh ones in for any of these other varieties, at least heat wise.
          Cayenne pepper (Capsicum baccatum and Capsicum frutescens)
          Tabasco pepper (Capsicum frutescens)
          Manzano pepper(Capsicum pubescens)