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Sep 13, 2012 08:05 AM

East Hampton - Upscale Sandwiches

I went to East Hampton last night and had a pretty awesome sandwich and it got me thinking about high end sandwich options in Dallas. here are the few I could come up with: La Duni, Eatzi's (kind of), Jimmy's, Carbone's. What else is out there?

The sandwich i had at East Hampton, Turkey Bacon Avocado, was phenomenal. Bread from empire which was amazing and the turkey was great. While I wasn't thrilled to pay $10 for it, that's what got me thinking about comparable options and i'm not sure there's many better.

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  1. First of all what dictates an upscale sandwich? Is the ingredients done right or the price point?

    Some examples of equally phenomenal sandwiches without the hefty price available locally:

    Pate Banh Mi with Butter at La Me...that is pretty phenomenal.

    The Korean BBQ Banh Mi at Pho is for Lovers.

    Torta de Chorizo at Tortas Las Tortugas

    Chicken Kebab Roll at Apna Grill

    Either Chopped Brisket or Pulled Pork Sandwich at Pecan Lodge

    Smoked Salmon Club at Seabreeze

    1. I feel that sometimes, we tend to over do it with the purely ethnic stuff. There are many times I'm perfectly happy with just an old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich or a freshly made chicken salad sandwich from the Highland Park Pharmacy. (Now, The Highland Park Soda Fountain.)
      And of course, all washed down with a frosty chocolate milkshake!


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        Mmmm ... my favorite there is ham salad with a chocolate malt.

      2. I was looking at Empire's web site this morning to check their bread selections. I remember seeing a menu heading of Sandwiches.

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          Thanks for the tip about Empire. Their menu looks terrific! I need to see those folks a lot more often.

          After you open this link, click on the "download full menu" link.

          1. re: CocoaNut

            When I'm in that side of town, I pop into into Empire for a grab and go sandwich and stock up on bread...I still have a half loaf of Pane Paisano in my freezer from my last trip.

            Back to the OP - the lobster roll at East Hampton does look killer. Has anyone tried it? Wonder how it compares to Rex's.

            1. re: pepper131

              Now I understand "grab and go" - the sandwiches are not made to order. Still, the spicy turkey pastrami w/Swiss and cole slaw on rye was pretty tasty. The rye bread is delicious.

              1. re: pepper131

                Ran by there yesterday late (2:30 ish so they were not at all busy) and picked up the lobster roll to go.I wasn't that impressed. My memory of Rex's is a little vague since I haven't had one from there for a couple of years but I think it is better as is the one from Seabreeze (again haven't had one from there either for awhile). Both Rex's and Sebreeze have pieces of that rubbery meat that is at the very end of the claws and tail which aren't my favorite but they have enough regualr meat to balance it out. The one at East Hampton had way too many of the little rubbery pieces in it vs. actual meat. If there was a split tail in there it must have been shredded and was a very small portion. I also found it to be dry and didn't see any evidence of the butter drizzle on the sandwich or the surrounding bread. The empire roll was good but one end of it had been cooked to almost crouton consistency. That said, the lobster was fresh & sweet and the overall taste was fine. I am female (older) and don't eat large portions but this sandwich was really on the small side - I seldom finish an entire sandwich but I could have eaten more after having this one and I would not order it again. It is a pretty pricey sandwich (which I understand) and if it were good I'd be happy to pay the price but what I had wasn't worth it to me. Service was a little off as well - no one asked me if I wanted a bag for my order (I did) and I had to ask for plastic ware and salt and pepper. I asked for a to go menu and someone brought me a paper menu that had food stuck all over it. I politely asked for a clean one and they handed me one covered with grease spots so I just said never mind. Someone did finally hand me a clean one before I left. Perhaps my experience was outside the norm - I was really looking forward to this lobster roll so I'd be curious to know if somone else has something better to say about it.

                1. re: queenie

                  Although it's a bit of a drive for me from Uptown, I still favor the large lobster roll served at Sea Breeze in Plano. And, it's still only $14.00. All the seafood served there is worth the drive as far as I'm concerned.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    I can't disagree - of the 3, I would probably prefer the Seabreeze lobster roll-for taste and size/value. I'm in the Midway/Royal area so it isn't close for me either, otherwise I'd eat there far more often.

                    1. re: queenie

                      I've had that one and wasn't blown away at all, so I'm feeling a bit sad right now ... perhaps a trip to Maine is in order ;)

                      1. re: foiegras

                        Yeah, well I haven't been blown away by any of them - which is why I haven't had one from Rex's or Seabreeze in a few years and why I was so anxious to try East Hampton's version. I don't understand why this is so hard to find - it is a pretty simple sandwich - good quality lobster, a bit of mayo, maybe a little celery & lemon juice & salt/pepper. I don't recall them having much more than that. Maybe John Alexis can whip up a good one at the new TJ's location. If he's not interested in making lobster rolls perhaps he can sell lobster to Julian Barsotti next door at Carbonnes and he can put a lobster roll on his sandwich menu. I think Barsotti is an excellent chef so I bet he could manage a credible lobster roll....

                    2. re: twinwillow

                      Sorry no way does Seabreeze even come close to Rex's. That being said you either have to hit Rex's for lunch or call ahead and reserve a lobster roll for dinner. they are of course only available on Friday.

                      This being said if I need a lobster roll during the week a quick stop at seabreeze isn't bad, just not nearly as good as Rex's.

              2. Does tubular meat with a bun fall into the sandwich category? If so, I'll throw in Luscher's post oak red hot as the best I've had in Dallas (and well, best hot dog I've had period).

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                1. re: air

                  If it doesn't fall into the category we will make it so! I will have to agree those things are awesome! I just have one out for people who bump into you on their shopping round at the White Rock Lake Famers Market...almost dropped half my dog.