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Sep 13, 2012 07:56 AM

Thoughts on ZuZu's Cafe in Wakefield?

Searched the board (effectively, I hope!) but didn't see any posts on ZuZu's Cafe in Wakefield. DH and I have declared Thursday nights "take out night" and our first official one will start at ZuZu's. The menu looks like just what we wanted so I was looking for any highlights.

I'll post our thoughts once we have them. :-)


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  1. I have seen this place while visiting other spots in Wakefield and decided to try it for lunch today. I decided to try the "SANDWICH OF THE DAY" and today it was CUBAN MELT. Sliced Pork Tenderloin, Ham, Melted Swiss, Pickles & Mustard on Grilled Tuscan White Bread $7.95. They get an A+ for taste and a B- for construction. The pork was meltingly tender and nicely seasoned and there was a lot of it. The pork tenderloin was thickly sliced and with the large chunks of pickles in there made it hard to eat. I could have done with a bit less mustard but despite that it was excellent. Normally sandwiches come with two sides or a salad but not the sandwich of the day. They list the daily specials on their website. This was a nice spot and a nice lunch and I can't wait to try more stuff from the menu. They also serve breakfast all day.


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      Ferrari, thanx for trying Bamboo! You and I should've switched plates..I once got the crispy shrimp and asked for no spice and it was too spicy and U asked for extra and didn't get enough! I will say tho, that subsequent times they have 'no spiced' mine correctly. I think they only have one chef/cook so once they know what you like its usually very consistent..

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        Nice to see my old thread pop up!

        We went to Zuzu's 3 or 4 times, I think. I thought it was good for the most part - tasty, fresh food with what I agree were occasional construction issues. I thought the food was mostly fairly priced and I liked the larger selection. My husband was not as enchanted, however, so we stopped going.

        Our go-to place that now fills the Zuzu spot in the "take out Thursday" rotation is Green Tomatoes in Reading. Sort of a similar style of food and a wee bit closer to home.

      2. I had lunch there in the fall and was not impressed. The menu sounded great, but the food was mediocre. Pretty spot and quite busy, but I wouldn't return.

        1. The location is great between the lake and downtown. The place is mainly just take-out and patio, inside there is really no atmosphere and when i was there it was quite warm. Large and creative menu with lots of sandwiches and entrees. The one plus is the food is made fresh and most of it is healthy.

          I was quite disapointed when I went last time, I ordered a hot latte and it was disgusting . They steamed the milk for about a minute and it was thick and scorched tasting. Coffee might just not be there thing so stick with the food.

          1. i went there for breakfast a few weeks ago. Was disappointed with my breakfast panini - it didn't have much flavor and needed salt. The sausage on it was two links, not a patty, so it was kind of hard to eat. It would have helped if they'd cut the links lengthwise so they wouldn't roll out every time you took a bite.

            I'd intended to get something to-go to have for supper that night, but the foods in the case looked a little tired to me so I didn't risk it.