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Sep 13, 2012 07:58 AM

Looking for a pre theater restaurant near Hell's Kitchen? What are your fav's?


We are coming into a show on Friday night the 28th. My girlfriend and I. I was looking at Etc Etc and Nook? We are going to eat before the 8pm show. We are eating at Strip House on Sat. night. Looking for something for Friday night. Any type of food but Asian and no steakhouse. No higher than $$$, prefer $$.

Any and all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Marseille
    DB Bistro Moderne
    La Silhouette

    1. Wondee Siam
      Hell's Kitchen (its name)

      1. OK, MY FRIEND JUST IMFORMED ME, SHE WANTS SEAFOOD AND OYSTERS! Any suggestions in Hell's Kitchen, theater district? We can also take a short train ride too. Not Oceana, been there already! Thanks!!!

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