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Sep 13, 2012 07:50 AM

Polish Harvest Festival 2012

This weekend

When I went a couple of years ago one day was a Slavic Cultures Festival, too, and there were Croat, Czech and Ukrainian booths in addition to Polish. I had some good home-made Ukrainian food and pastries but the website only mentions Polish food. I hope there's something other than Polonia to sample.

Modest entrance fee, free parking, not much of a traffic hassle; the only problem will be if it rains and the vacant lot where you park is muddy, I guess. It's right down the street from Polonia.

I think I'm going to try to go on Friday.

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  1. We went to the spring Polish Festival held in the same location. The ladies of the church did the cooking. The pierogis were very good. The menu was limited to a few items. It's not a large church.

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      Well that would be fine with me. I'm just not too keen on paying an admission fee to stand in line and get the same food I could get at the restaurant. When I went a couple of years ago the Polonia booth was by far the busiest.

      1. re: brucesw

        Speaking of Polonia, the store and restaurant, for any of you that are not familiar with them, they do a terrific job. We often stop by that store for sausages, cheeses, sweets and treats. Their sauerkraut is particularly wonderful - nothing like the canned stuff you buy at the supermarket.

        In addition to the food, they usually have a small but nice selection of handicrafts; in particular, holiday items. I'll be going by there soon to see what they've got out for Christmas, and every Spring, I buy a few of their hand-painted wooden eggs for our Easter table centerpiece.