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Sep 13, 2012 07:15 AM

Induction and 30" closed burner cooktops - PLEASE HELP!

We are finally starting our kitchen remodel. I finally, after months of research, have decided, and fell in love, with the idea of the 30" BlueStar cooktop. This morning, the granite guy came to measure and informed me that I don't have the clearance underneath the countertop, due to the two drawers that I don't want to sacrifice, for the BlueStar. I haven't yet looked, but I am wondering if I will be having that issue with anything?! He said I only have about 3 5/8" under the countertop - and Bluestar needs 5".

I feel like I could cry.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. And this is why people hire kitchen designers.

      The specs would have been listed in the BS documentation. You need to read everything three times and measure twice. Yes, problems like this will arise on nearly every aspect of your project.

      1. Any chance you could make one of the drawers shallower than originally planned? Or are they part of existing cabinetry that you're keeping, and having new countertops and cooktop installed?

        If there's no way to increase the clearance, then you are looking for a cooktop that can fit in there. I know my crappy little Maytag sealed-burner gas cooktop would fit, but am not recommending it. But there are probably cooktops that would fit and make you happy. Some induction cooktops require even more clearance than the Bluestar, so I wouldn't assume going to induction will be an answer. A lot depends on what kind of cooking you do/want to do that made you settle on the Bluestar.

        I'd suggest taking a look through the appliance and kitchen forums at Garden Web, and at the kitchen design blog Kelly's Kitchen Sync. And looking up the specs for every single other piece of equipment you are considering with an eye to clearance, positioning, special electrical and plumbing needs, etc.

        It sounds as if you've been waiting a while to do your kitchen remodel, but it's a lot easier to make necessary adjustments in the planning stage than in granite and steel... and the regrets of people with remodeled kitchens have mostly to do with lack of detailed planning and rushed decisions made in mid-process.

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          thanks for the rec of Kelly's Kitchen Sink - I will look into that one - I have been on Garden Web - really like that one - as well as houzz. The cabinets are existing - it is the countertop and cooktop, along with floor, sink, faucet that we are replacing.

          And the reason behind my selection of Bluestar - is that this is the only open burner cooktop on the market!

        2. Two weeks later and a cabinet guy said he could make it
          work for another $200. But he then tried to persuade me out of BlueStar after reading
          specs on the product and the warranty etc. I googled negative reviews and really
          became worried - about the poor customer service and problems with the ignitor

          I have decided against induction.
          Please help me with any information you can offer - about Bluestar - or another
          gas cooktop with strong BTU power.

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          1. re: smilingal

            Too bad about your induction decision since I really like this tech (I use Fagor). Gas cooktop - not sure what you're looking for in terms of BTU but I have played with Miele's KM346x series. Top burner is 15.3K BTU, two models depending on the type of grill.