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Sep 13, 2012 06:35 AM

Dinner ideas in Amherst, MA for tonight

Hi All - I am attending a concert tonight in Amherst, MA and looking for dinner ideas. Nothing upscale, just good food, and a fun vibe. I will be driving from Hartford, up 91N, so anything along the way would be good. Note - I tend to eat out a lot in the Hartford area, so the closer to my destination, the better.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you want good pub food, the Hangar Pub, right at UMass.
    For the good food and vibe aspect, I really like the Thai Place (that's the actual name), in South Hadley. Apps and Soups like Tod Mun and Tom Yum (I love the chicken) are cheap and really good...nice selection of entrees beyond the curry/pad thai stuff too, and not too $$.

    1. Johnny's at the end of Boltwood walk has pleasantly surprised me. Great burgers and try the pork crostini. Also pretty good parking.

      1. Dinner in Downtown Amherst tonight (9/13) might not be a good idea as the town is having a block party from 6-10 PM, unless of course the concert is by one of the bands playing there. Expect street closures and very limited parking.

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          The concert is at UMASS, will this area be affected by the block party (parking, etc)?

          Thanks for the input everyone!

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            Umass is about 2 miles south of downtown. The only area affected on campus will be the visitors center parking which has shuttle bus service to the block party. The Hanger Pub is on University Drive right on the way to the Mullins Center and has a fun, sportsy college atmosphere (as you would expect from its location) It is usually crowded on concert nites, but the block party may draw a lot of the locals away.