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Sep 13, 2012 05:20 AM

Place for drinks near Fairmont

We heading to SF with friends in a week and would like to meet someone we know from there for drinks near the Fairmont. I'm sure the Fairmont has a bar but is there someplace else that would be great? I know we have reservations at the Tonga Room that evening (not my choice).

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  1. The "Top of the Mark" is the bar at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, across the street from the Fairmont. It is another hotel bar and I can't say it is "great," but you do get great views of the Bay Area out of the windows.

    1. The Tonga Room is fun to do once, but the food is bad. Can't you have drinks there and eat somewhere else? If not, I agree that The Top of the Mark is good for a drink and the view.

      1. Are you looking for cocktails? Beer? High class or divey? Do you mind 1/3 mile walk and hills?

        1. The Tonga Room's a good place to meet for drinks and the wrong place to eat dinner.