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Sep 13, 2012 12:25 AM

Need advice, 3 nights in Belfast, then 2 in Boothbay Harbor

For last week in Sep .. 3 years ago I had a great vacation in New England. I went to Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound and I know I MUST go to Red's again; to me, it's worth the wait.

I'll probably try Young's in Belfast and Five Islands will only be open weekends so I can go there on Saturday. Heard great things about Thurston's in Bernard, too.

I'm debating whether I should to to Conte's in Rockland. I don't mind funky decor, but I want tasty food and this place gets mixed reviews.

Emphasis on lobster, casual settings, bang for the buck.

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  1. We were in Boothbay Harbor for 3 nights during the 3rd week of August this year. Several of the restaurants were offering similar (soft shell) lobster specials (e.g. $10 for 1, $15 for 2, $20 for 3). The ones I remember were Fisherman's Wharf Inn and Tug Boat Inn. The latter included one side. We ate at Fisherman's Wharf Inn and were allowed to combine the special with a The price our meal with 3 side dishes, tax and a generous gratuity came to only $20.53.

    Last year we dined at the Boat House Bistro during restaurant week and had an excellent lobster stew so we went back this year. We decided to dine on the open deck on the third level one evening. All the tables were taken so we opted to sit at the bar and shared orders of spinach salad (very good) and a “wild” mushroom ragout that was made with nothing more exotic than button mushrooms (fair) On the second round we ordered baked goat cheese with figs that was, shall we say, weird tasting (fair) and Asian lobster and crab cakes that were almost completely devoid of flavor (poor). I am not sure if we would ever return.

    1. Roll the dice and try Conte's. Keep your head low and enjoy!
      Belfast in-town: new BBQ called "Pig Out" near the harbor also a small Vietnamese (name escapes me) restaurant in that same area. Might try "Lost Kitchen" also in Befast.

      1. I should mention that I'm staying in Belfast to be closer to Acadia and am willing to drive some to good lobster places .. staying in these two places to cover coast area. Don't have any desire to go to fancy places.

        1. Loved Young's in Belfast; they showed us a blue lobster, which is 1 in a million and destined to live (long life I hope) in an aquarium.

          Went to REd's (again) and lobster was cold and seemed precooked and held but whole belly clams were the best of the trip.

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            Actually according to Wikipedia blue lobsters occur 2 in a million. But the Maine lobster catch, in 2011 for example, was 100 million pounds so they probably caught close to 100 blue lobsters.

          2. When you're in Boothbay, just north of there, locals seem to love the Anchor Inn in Round Pond.

            Belfast supposedly has some good food trucks now. We love Francine in Camden, but maybe that's too fancy for you. In Damariscotta- on the north side out by Rt 1- make sure to go to Round Top ice cream. Their rum raisin and maple walnut today were stellar. plus they have
            exc. Grape Nut. but maybe your trip is over.....

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              Yes, I got back home last night. 11 nights -- 4 in NYC, then Boston, Cape Cod .. Nantucket .. Maine, flew back from Boston. (Italian pastries (( sf...can't spell it) made it back just fine.) From Modern in Boston. Guy who waited on us said he's only worked there 3 wks and we were about the 4th ones from SF taking back pastries!)

              We didn't get around to any ice cream, always too full from our meals. My friend had never had whole belly fried clams and now he's a big fan. He LOVED NYC and, if he won the lottery, would move to Nantucket tomorrow.

              Actually, at Young's we had soft shell; which I was wary of but they turned out to be great.

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                sfogliatelle. (and if i've spelled that right, i'd be thrilled.) My fav REAL bakery is in SF- la Boulangerie on Pine. I hope you'll post some more about your trip so we can advise future

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                  In Boston I tried one cannoli from Maria's; really delicious, filled when you order. Very small selection of goodies there so I went to Modern for the sfogliatelle. (Prior trip 3 years ago, we tried both Mike's and Modern and we preferred Modern.) Here at home, we heated it up a bit in the toaster oven, crisped it up nicely.

                  After getting lost leaving Acadia for Thurston's, I finally found it. Pretty good but counter people only wanted to ring people up and dish out the food, they thought they were too busy to clean the dirty tables after others left.

                  Did not go to Five Islands because it was raining and I didn't want such a long drive from Boothbay Harbor. Skipped Conte's because a lot of reviews said it was sort of slopped together and not that great.

                  Really wanted to try Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland but it was closed for remodeling. (They make homemade bread and homemade pecan rolls.) Another person who showed up there sad that they were closed suggested we try Long Grain in Camden.
                  That's what we did, Pad Thai great, also had crab fried rice. I ordered tea and wait person asked if I wanted another cup for my friend to share the pot .. I said sure. Well, the charge for the (small) pot of tea was $2.00 and she charged another $1.50 for the extra cup -- this did not seem right to me, at all. I paid it, did not say anything but I was very surprised.