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Sep 13, 2012 12:20 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Banana Leaf Delights at Rathaa Curry House

This Indian banana leaf restaurant in the relatively new township of Puchong served a great variety of South Indian cuisine, but is famous for its selection of deep-fried spiced seafood: fish, prawns, squid, crab, etc.

"Putumayam" (Malaysian-Indianspeak for "idiyappam"), "roti canai" (Malaysian-Indianspeak for "paratha"), "thosai" (Malaysian-Indianspeak for "dosa") and many other South Indian (mainly Tamilian) snacks are available in the mornings or late-evening (the restaurant opens from 6.30am till 11pm daily).

We had the banana leaf rice which came with 3 types of vegetables (curried longbeans, finely-chopped cucumber-onion-carrot relish spiked with explosive birds'-eye chillies, and stir-fried chopped leafy vegetables (similar to collard greens) cooked with dhal (yellow lentils). A waiter will come by with buckets of different kinds of curry gravies: chicken, fish, vegetarian (dhal), crab or prawn, to ladle over your rice. Crisp papadums and deep-fried chillies (pre-marinated in yoghurt) complete the lunch "plate".

Our sde-orders include crisp-fried fish, fish-roe and squid, hard-boiled eggs simmered in curry gravy and, in a reminder that you're in multi-racial Malaysia, curried Chinese hard tofu (instead of the almost similarly-textured Indian "paneer" cheese). Superb meal - definitely worth checking out if you're in the vicinity of Puchong.

Address details
Rathaa Curry House
28, Jalan Puteri 5/1
Bandar Puteri, Puchong
Selangor 47100
Tel: +603-8060 1528

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  1. Looks good.

    I must say I'd prefer that tofu instead of paneer.

    You certainly like your Indian food. Come to think of it, d'you have a regional one you prefer if you had unlimited choices, even though most stuff in M'sia is Tamilian/Keralan?

    The typical "buckets" these curries are ladled from in banana-leaf places in KL – Do they look like this? (This came from a report on a meal at some place in Little India in S'pore: http://justmebabblingtonoone.blogspot...)
    Or like this?

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    1. re: huiray

      The curry gravies were contained in the ubiquitous tri-bucket contraption.

      My fave regional Indian cuisine is undoubted Keralan! Even when I'm in other Indian states, I'd inadvertently seek out Keralan restaurants, e.g. Karavalli in Bangalore ( and Enter Keralam in Chennai (

      I suspected that, at the same time the British imported Tamil labor into Malaya to work the estates, the Keralans came along to run the "mamak stalls". Keralan paratha is *exactly* the same as the prata in Singapore and the "roti canai" in Malaysia - not Tamilian paratha or any other kind. Keralan fish curry with coconut milk and fresh turmeric tasted exactly like Malay "ikan masak lemak", whilst Keralan spiced chicken was exactly like Malay "ayam masak merah". I think the early Keralan immigrants taught the Malays how to cook!

      Chinese-Malaysians in general seemed to love Indian food much more than Chinese-Singaporeans, so I do have a lot of company whenever I want to eat at Indian spots in KL :-)