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Sep 12, 2012 10:47 PM

Good and interesting eats between Atlanta and Douglasville

Promised to meet my sisters for lunch or dinner somewhere between
the two. No Mex please.

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    1. Gumbeaux's in downtown Douglasville is the best Cajun in metro Atlanta. Very casual and very good.

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      1. re: Milt

        I agree. I was about to post Bumbeaux's too. Best authentic cajun food in the Atlanta area. Awesome, awesome food.

        1. re: 1POINT21GW

          Thanks guys for your replies. I was looking though for something in between the two
          locales. I definitely do not want to eat in Douglasville where my sister lives and teaches.
          And they are going to be tired and do not want to come into the city. So, anything of note
          between the two?

      2. Muss and Turner's is on Atlanta Road just off of I-285. That is a little further north than your direct route - but well worth the additional few minutes necessary to get there. Many (myself included) feel that it is the best sandwich place in metro Atlanta.