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Sep 12, 2012 08:05 PM

Any suggestions for restaurants in Trento?

We will be attending a conference in Trento for five nights. Do you have any suggestions for good restaurants for dinners? We are not concerned about the price but we will not have a car. Thanks!

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  1. Trento is a lovely town with some very good food. Check out this link, it contains my report on Trento from last fall:

    1. We just loved Il Libertino across the river. Great pastas and wine. Went there for lunch - it was all Italian white collar types on lunch break, no tourists (but us), casual atmosphere but really nice food. If I were in the area again, I would definitely return. Its totally one you can walk to (we did).

      We also went to Le Due Spade for dinner and weren't so wowed, but we do prefer a more casual atmosphere when it comes to Italian dining. Lots of people like it though:

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        Il Libertino is great. Right next door is Piedicastello. Both are great trattorias. Piedicastello is cheaper.

        Pizza, outside, try Uva e Menta. Unique pizza, good wines.

        Ah ... I see from looking at rrems link that I've covered all this material in that link! An update: The place I mention in the link called Fior di Roccia is closed. Sadly. Great chef.