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Sep 12, 2012 07:32 PM

Favorite Scallops Dish

I've developed a love for scallops lately and so far the best ones I've eaten are at Craft. The scallops with miso at Blue Ribbon Izakaya are amazing too. What are some of your favorite places for scallops?

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  1. Scallops with XO sauce either at Oriental Garden or NY Noodle Town. The former is obviously far fancier, but both are great.

    1. I prefer raw scallops to cooked- provided that you can get them fresh enough. I really enjoy the live scallop 3 ways at Yuba. If that's not on special they usually have scallop sashimi/sushi that is extremely fresh. To be honest I have a hard time going back to cooked scallops now.


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      1. I've enjoyed the scallops at Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Marea, Junoon, Lincoln, Jean Claude, and Ed's Chowder House.

        Szechuan Gourmet's crispy scallops with black peppercorn sauce is my favorite Asian preparation.

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          Extrapolation on this question: for those of you who cook, how do you get that crunchy , caramelized effect on the outside of the scallop without overcooking the thing? I've never been happy with my experiments.

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            Try searing them for a shorter time on higher heat. Make sure you've got a good pan or cast-iron that holds heat very well and don't crowd too many on the pan.

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              And be sure you have dry scallops, not soaked in chemicals to preserve "freshness", and well blotted to boot.

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                This is the key,you need "dry"scallops that have not been treated. You also need to dry them as best you can with a towel.

                I have also found that having a fat with a high smoking point is key. I usually use bacon grease or lard depending on what I have on hand. Yesterday I happened to have left over roast duck from NY Noodle town which had a lot of congealed fat. I used this to sear about 8 scallops. I use a cast iron that I allow to get very hot. When you put the scallops in do not move them at all until you are ready to flip with tongs. Also important is to not overcrowd the pan. You should begin to see the caramelization creeping up the sides. When it gets to the appropriate level turn them. Cook for 30 seconds or so on the other side and take out to rest.

                Yesterday I then let the cast iron cool down and sauteed some thinly sliced shiitakes with ginger along with some of the pieces of duck without much meat left over them. I then deglazed with a little sake, mirin and soy and finished w sesame oil and scallion greens. Turned out really nice.

                1. re: MVNYC

                  Thank you all very much! You were correct: drying really obsessively was key. Cast iron pan and bacon fat produced a delicious result.

                  1. re: strangemd

                    We were also talking about buying "dry" scallops in the first place, and then obsessively drying them. "Dry" scallops are less uniformly colored than the soaked ones. It sounds as if you had them, but be sure to ask the next time.

                    1. re: sr44

                      I did not know that, and think I was merely lucky.
                      Next time I'll be sure to ask. Thank you!

                    2. re: strangemd

                      Glad to help. Once you figure it out it is easy. No need to ever order scallops out. Except for live scallop sushi

            2. I LOVE the scallops at BLT Fish.

              1. I like the scallops at Blue Ribbon Izakaya also. Neta has a good scallop dish too. Scallop sashimi at 15 East I love as well. This time of year bay scallops from East hampton if you get them fresh are amazing. I know thats a long way from manhattan, but those are the best scallops I've ever had.

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                  American Seafood, which is based out in Hampton Bays, sells incredibly fresh scallops -- and other items -- at various greenmarkets around town (i buy from them in jackson heights). the folks at the booth are sometimes actually from the boats, sometimes not, but they are always up on just when things were harvested, which helps a lot.