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Sep 12, 2012 05:38 PM

Jonesing for Italian wedding soup and stuffed artichokes!

I loved the stuffed artichoke at Pane e Vino (I was so depressed when they closed!), an interesting version stuffed with panzanella. Does anyone know a restaurant with something similiar?

And thinking about that artichoke got me to thinking about the stuffed artichokes my Italian grandmother made, the old fashioned kind with breadcrumbes and double steamed artichokes....anyone know where a good one is to be found?

And then that makes me remember Italian wedding soup. Chicken broth base with escarole or spinach, with the tiny pasta balls called asina de pepi (my spelling is off there), but most importantly small meatballs that are light and not like rocks! But right now, I'd kill for any kind of wedding soup, even if it's not the version I remember.

ALl hound advice appreciaited!!!!

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  1. Not a restaurant, but I'm fond of the wedding soup at Gelson's. You'll want to call first, since they don't have it everyday or at every store.

    1. Domenick's and/or Little Dom's sometimes has wedding soup.

      1. Sabatino's in Newport Beach has a very good Italian Wedding Soup.

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          +1 although a little salty at times.