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Old Time restaurants in Beverly Hills area.....needed NOW!

Looking for old style Hollywood type restaurants in the Beverly Hills area to take a visiting New Yorker. We've already been to the Polo Lounge. Anythink like a Musso & Frank but in Beverly Hills area?

I think there's an Italian restaurant on Beverly Blvd. near Cedar Sinae and the Beverly Center (Mateo's???); is that any good and can anyone help me out the name?

I'm looking for a place reminiscent of the old Jimmy's but not real loud like Mastro's gets.
And I need to be able to get in without a reservation tonight around 6:30pm.


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  1. It's actually Madeo's that you're thinking of. 8897 Beverly Boulevard .Haven't been there in some time but it was always excellent.

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        No doubt at all.. You will be ok at 6:30. Sit i the bar room.

      2. I think the one you are referring to is Domenick's.

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          The Ivy on Robertson is good choice. . Another vote for Madeo. Great food, booths and service,

        2. Try Craig's on Melrose. Madeo is a good call too.

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            The most amusing thing about the Craig's web site is their link to a NY Times article about Mr. Susser and his restaurant that ends up almost being more about Dan Tana's (where Mr. Susser worked for 23 years) than it does about Craig's. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/20/fas...

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              Dan Tanas is MUCH better than Craig's. I am really sorry about that and wanted to like it. I really like Craig and want him to succeed. The room is great but the food just misses. Craig told me they recently switched chefs and tightened up the menu, but my last visit was not memorable. Go to Dan Tanas. Its what you are looking for..

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                Since when is this a comparison? Dan Tana's was already recommended, I was trying to bring up alternatives. I thought the vibe inside Craig's was kind of what the asker was seeking out. The food could be kicked up a notch, sure, but it's just a suggestion. Relax.

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                  "Since when is this a comparison?"

                  Pretty much (every day?) since this site came into existence AFAIK... ;-D>

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                    ya i realize Servorg but this thread isn't a restaurant battle nor does it need to be. I think the Ivy is anything but a rat-packy hang out but i didn't say that (until now XD)

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                      Really, it's okay to compare, contrast and even impugn (the restaurants) as much as one would like. That sort of spirited debate is the life blood of this site and why it keeps most of us hanging around (a lot more than we should be - the hanging around time). And I'll agree that the Ivy doesn't have the right sort of ambiance to me for this particular "ISO" post - at least based on the OP's stated requirements.

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                        And I wouldn't have it any other way! The epic battles (In N Out vs Five Guys, Philippes vs Coles) are what brought me here in the first place.

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                    I am relaxed. It was not an attack on you. As I said, I personally like Craig and want it to succeed. However, the food is not very good and the buzz has died way down. I am sorry if that hurts your feelings.

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                      Wow! I thought that only Langer's was untouchable on this site. Criticize its pastrami and be attacked big time by those with hurt feelings! I agree that both compliments and criticisms, even harsh ones, about restaurants are the essence of this site.

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                        NOTHING, except Urasawa maybe is untouchable on this site.

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                          Criticism of Red Medicine could get you black listed.

            2. La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills. Old Rat Pack hand out. Great stories from the servers.

              1. Dominick's is also an old rat pack hangout. Not sure if I'd call that Beverly Hills - same with The Ivy - both more like West Hollywood.

                La Scala is in Beverly Hills, but unfortunately it's not the original La Scala. Just the old one in a new location.

                Craigs tries for and old time feel, but it's only a few years old. Or less.

                The Grill is also young - but 28-ish years older. Has a lot more Hollywood cache than Mastros - which has a weirdish crowd like Dan Tana's - but without stars or rockers.

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                  Ivy. Amazing food, recognizable picket fence.

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                    I like Ivy a lot. I think the food is good, service is good and for the most part the prices are not horrible.

                2. Where did you wind up?

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                      Thank you all for the advice!!! It was Madeo's that I was thinking about, but I couldn't get a last minute reservation in the "right" room and I was afraid the Siberia room would not have quite the effect. I did take my guest previously to Dan Tana's, a place I've always loved, especially late night (I used to go there with my friend Frank Gorshin). There was something fun about hanging out at the bar with people smoking when it had long been banned in restaurants (although I do know they finally put a stop to that). Dan Tana's though is just a bit too much of a crush at times (I mean litterally I get a little nervous sitting at those tiny tables with waiters passing trays of veal sambucca over my head), but no matter how crowed, you gotta love the place!!
                      I was interested in trying Craig's but a friend who went there was very disappointed in the quality of the food and said it wasn't Dan Tana's.
                      So while I fully intend to go check out Madeo's, Mateo's and Dominick's (all places I've never been) -- have been to La Dolce Vita, gotta try it again, it's been awhile and when I was a couple of times previouslyit was kind of deserted.
                      So....I ultimately veered off course and ended up at 208 Rodeo in the 2 Rodeo complex (the little cafe restaurant across from the patio at McCormick &Schmick. Not at all "brat packy" -- LOVE that term!!, but it was a beautiful warm night and made for great al fresco dining during the heat wave (I love eating outside away from LA traffic speeding by). The food was excellent and great service, so a good night was had by all.
                      In the meantime, the next night we went to Bier Beahl (my spelling is off), which was also excellent, and is certainly attracting some old Hollywood types for the excellent German food -- check out my post on that experience.

                      1. re: cimero

                        Been wanting to go back to Bier Beisel. What did you have?

                        PS: I would pass on Mateo's. While its been a while since i have been there, I have heard it is decades past its prime.

                        1. re: Thor123

                          Now you've done it...you've crossed Matteo's with Madeo's! Confusion reigns... lol



                          1. re: Servorg

                            That must result in an improved Matteo's!

                            1. re: BSW6490

                              They have no place to go but up...

                      1. Is Tony Roma's still around? The Palms was popular when I lived in LA back in the 70s and 80s but it isn't in Beverly Hills.

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                          Tony Roma long gone and the Palm, while not bad, cant hold a candle to its neighbor, Dan Tanas.