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Sep 12, 2012 04:54 PM

breakfast/dinner recommendations...

looking to plan a special weekend...looking for great hole-in-the wall big "names" good classic food...breakfast looking for great eggs benedict/french toast/bloody marys

dinner class or contempery french or rustic italian

going to bee in town in feb!! sat and sunday

any recommendations would be appreciated!

also any great bars....classic martinis or great red wines by the glass///comfly/cushy

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  1. Which neighborhood(s)? There are places like what you describe in a bunch of neighborhoods. Also, what's your budget for each meal?

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    1. re: Pan

      we usually spend time in the village or soho but would be willing to go anywhere...budget isn't really an issue but not looking for something over the top like Keller's restaurants.

      1. re: tillliebaker

        So anyplace but two restaurants. That doesn't narrow it down much. But you do mention that you like the Village and Soho, and that you're looking for hole-in-the-walls and no big names. And also that you're looking for a place with a good wine list. So one possibility would be to a good wine bar for one of your dinners, like Aria at 117 Perry St. in the far west Village. Mind you, I think for a "small plates" place with wine, if budget is no issue, I'd rather go to Txikito and have some great Basque-style tapas. But if Txikito is too big a name and you prefer an informal Italian experience over tapas, I do recommend Aria. I've been there several times and have always enjoyed their wines, their small plates, and their larger specials (always ask what price those are). If you decide to go there, I can make recommendations of some dishes that my dining partners and I have particularly enjoyed.

        For a relaxed classic French bistro, consider La Sirene, in far west Soho. Good wine list, too.

        1. re: Pan

          Never seen a wine list at La Sirene. Been going there the first month they opened and recently just last Friday. No wine list there.

          1. re: RCC

            Huh, I got confused. Thanks for correcting me. And the funny thing is, I checked their website recently and saw it said "BYOB." You bring your wine, they pour it for you.

    2. Stage restaurant in the East Village. But you're probably not going to find bloody mary's or eggs benedict in hole-in-the wall places. Instead, you'll find egg creams.

      1. I love the eggs benedict at Blue Ribbon, the French Toast at City Bakery, and the Bloody Marys at Prune. Don't know if those count as "big names" to you. It's hard to find places that are completely under the radar/unknown these days.

        Best rustic Italian:

        Italian signature dishes:

        Best cocktails:

        For cozy and romantic cocktails, definitely look into Raines Law Room's curtained off tables.