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Sep 12, 2012 04:36 PM

vancouver in oct

been going to V since the 70's-lot of those restaurants have gone to restaurant heaven.

looking for a decent/fair priced/good food and decent martini
all reply s appreciated.

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  1. It helps to be more specific on what kind of food you want and what price points.

    Guu or Kingyo for Izakaya (Japanese pub fare)
    Rangoli for Casual Indian Fusion
    Ajisai for sushi
    Tung Hing for Vietnamese Banh Mi
    L'Abattoir for new hipster style French
    Phnom Penh for Cambodian/Vietnamese (best chicken wings ever)

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    1. re: quddous

      you are right
      would like to be within walking distance
      of Broughton st.
      pp- $20-$30 for dins
      good steak and/or seafood

      1. re: FILLFOX

        Lots of good French bistros in Vancouver for steak.
        Check out

        1. re: FILLFOX

          I also would recommend La Brasserie

          Another option is Le Parisien. Follow Me Foodie had high praise for their Grilled Hanger Steak Frites

          1. re: FILLFOX

            Another great steak to be had at Tableau Bar + Bistro.

            La Brasserie is a super choice, worth the wait.

          2. re: quddous

            I'm also heading to Vancouver at the beginning of Oct (first timer). Could you help me with a couple of qs since I like your recommendation a lot.

            First of all, I booked the Westin Grand Downtown but thinking about rebooking some hotels around YVR instead since they are far cheaper. How is the traffic from YVR to Downtown area during weekday/weekend?

            And here is my hit list during my stay, what did I miss (Love to eat almost anything and price would be an issue if the food is weak):
            Vij's Railway Express food truck
            Beaucoup bakery if opens
            Saboten Tonkatsu
            Motomachi Shokudo
            Raincity Grill
            Salt Tasting Room
            Octopus Garden
            Japa Dog
            Sun Sui Wan
            Ajisai Sushi Bar
            Salty Tongue

            Hit list for Atttraction:
            Richmond Night MKt
            Mole Hill
            Stanley Park
            Drinks at Top of the Vancouver revolving Res't for the view
            Nitobe Memorial Garden
            English Bay Beach
            window shopping at Commercial Dr & Gastown

            Lastly, How are Scandinavian Spa Whistler and Whistler Village? Recommend it ?

            Many thanks in advance!

            1. re: Elliebelly

              Traffic from YVR to downtown is bad during rush hour. (7am-9am) (3-6pm). You can take SkyTrain though. I'd stay downtown if you can swing it.

              Your picks look good! Have fun!

              1. re: waylman

                Skip Vij's food truck -very poor value.

                Unless a handful of older homes interest you there is little to see @ Mole Hill it's an ordinary residential neighbourhood.

                Whistler Village is an overpriced destination but most people seem to enjoy it-Scandinave Spa often has Bears lurking nearby so step carefully (!)

                Also if you're in Whistler make your way to Pure Bread and Pasta Lupino both are beloved of locals.

                1. re: Sam Salmon

                  Oh I don't know, Mole Hill/Nelson Park has its charms! It's a very "Vancouver" experience... families playing, exchange students lounging, transient people smoking ... things..., you can take a walk around the community garden and check out the puppies (and poop) in the dog park.

                  The alley behind the heritage homes of Mole Hill is also among Vancouver's most beautiful, containing another community garden, lots of great fruit trees and berry bushes, a tiny creekside walk, and a bee-preservation project area.

                  Afterwards, you can dash over to Davie Street, check out Vancouver's central GLTB hub, and have a great meal at La Brasserie :)

                  IMO, Granville Island shouldn't be skipped. The food market is fun, you can get a superior burger at the Market Grill (or if you're there for brekkie, the waffles or the breakfast croissant #2 are amazing), and I highly recommend wandering right around Granville Island, lots of fun artists studios to visit. Don't miss the artisan broom makers (across from the concrete plant).

                  Otherwise your list of attractions looks great! I might skip the revolving restaurant, but it makes sense if you want the view. There is also a great view park right at the base of Granville St. (near Waterfront Station), and the Public Library (between Georgia and Robson Streets) is a stunning building, you can walk through the atrium during your Robson Street crawl.

                  One last thing, I agree, it's worth staying downtown. Vancouver is not the most car-friendly city.

                  1. re: Sam Salmon

                    Really?! Bears... lurking! I may have to rethink that! Thanks for the advice! Definitely will head to Pure Bread & Pasta Lupin........ love bread & pasta!

                    By the way, any pointers for the local wines?

                2. re: Elliebelly

                  Stay near a Canada Line station near YVR, and just use public transit to get around. It is cheaper, less stressful, and often faster. There are a few hotels near the Aberdeen station.

                  1. re: Elliebelly

                    If you have a really clear day I would highly recommend heading up grouse mountain and having a drink or two at the pub. The view is pretty awesome.If you are all hikers and in pretty good shape you could head up the grouse grind and then take the tram down. Takes about an hour to go up, more if not in great shape.

                    Would substitute Vij's restaurant for the food truck. The food is pretty fantastic IMO.

                    1. re: Elliebelly

                      Vij's Railway Express food truck - had it today. mediocre at best. I like Rangoli much more.

                      Saboten Tonkatsu - I eat it sometimes when I am at Aberdeen but this is just mediocre lunch food.

                      Motomachi Shokudo - Replace with Santouka and get the grilled toro niku.

                      Raincity Grill - Pass

                      Guu - Delicious, Guu with Garlic (Near Denman on Robson) and Guu on Thurlow are the two best. Kingyo is also quite delicious.

                      Salt Tasting Room - Not bad - I prefer L'abattoir in that area.

                      Octopus Garden - Good but on the expensive side. Prefer Ajisai.

                      Japa Dog - extremely overrated - I wouldn't even bother

                      I had a fabulous dinner last time at fisherman's Terrace - Much better than equivalent meals at Kirin and Sun Sui Wah

                      Ajisai Sushi Bar - Great.

                      Salty Tongue - Never been.

                      I would also go to Granville Island and stop by Go Fish if it is a nice day out.

                      1. re: quddous

                        Total agree with you on Go Fish. We went there right after landing. We had (halibut)fish & chip, oyster burger, & fish stew/soup. Their ingredients were fresh & the condiments in the burger were tasty. All I need was a cold beer at that moment but ..... to be con't

                          1. re: grayelf

                            They've always had Oysters on a bun-which some would term a' burger'.

                            1. re: Sam Salmon

                              Ah yes, not me but you're absolutely right!