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Sep 12, 2012 03:51 PM

Take-out ideas in Mission Hills/Old Town/Hillcrest/Little Italy

Hi there, 'hounds,

I'm uninspired to cook tonight and need some take-out ideas from any of the neighborhoods listed in the title of my post. I've gotten burritos from Lucha Libre and fish tacos from Blue Water, but would appreciate some other ideas. How about moderately priced take-out sushi? What about any of the Hillcrest restaurants--any cheap/moderately priced gems? I'm not craving anything in particular so open to all cuisines. TIA!

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  1. I should also note that I was not impressed at all with Saffron. Yuck!

    1. Excellent question. Here are a couple of places in my semi-regular rotation. I'm also interested in seeing what others come up with for take out.

      Empirehouse urban palate
      Bronx Pizza
      Lefty's Pizza (deep dish)
      R.K. Sushi (not particularly good, but better than Sushi Deli & I've never gotten sick)
      Amarin Thai

      Tender Greens is my #1 takeout choice. It's a little further than you want, perhaps, but is certainly worth the drive.

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        I agree about Saffron. I don't understand the laudation it receives.

        Masa Izakaya might be worth trying. Back when it first opened, it was named Teriyaki Cowboy and was almost exclusively take out. When it first became more upscale, Masa refused to do any takeout. They were even reluctant to let diners take a doggy bag. Perhaps they've become less strident.

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          Who has adulated Saffron in the last 8 years?

      2. Second the rec on Tender Greens. Best quality and value take-away in SD. You can go through the line without calling in your order in less time than it takes at McDonalds or most of the chain fast food restaurants.