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Terrific Danish in Red Bank

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There Is a stand at the Red Bank Farmer's market that sells danish and licorice. The young man manning the stand shared a compelling story about the couple who owns the cafe in the Galleria where they make the danish and offer a lunch menu with a European flair. I've tried three varieties of danish so far: the raspberry, cheese, and pecan, and they were all wonderful. I plan on going back to try their lunch. The owners are friendly and the space is charming and right across the street from the Two River Theater. They've worked really hard to get here, all the way from Denmark!

Here is a column with their story:


Here is the menu:


I think they're a terrific addition to Red Bank's vibrant and diverse dining community!

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  1. tomwocat, thank you for posting this! Have you tried their coffee?

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      You're welcome! No, I haven't tried their coffee as I tend to have green tea instead. I'm happy that this cafe gives me a closer option for a sweet treat if I'm not up for the trek to Flaky Tart, which is my favorite bakery in Monmouth County.

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        Flaky Tart, which is my favorite bakery in Monmouth County.
        Mine too.

    2. Thanks. Looking forward to trying it. I mean, a bakery not devoted to cupcakes???

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        Better yet, a baked good with authentic origins.

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          Dh and I enjoyed breakfast at The Danish Cafe this week. We shared the breakfast plate which included sliced ham, several fresh cheeses, red grapes, a choice of bread (we selected wholewheat roll), a choice of danish (we had cinnamon swirl) and a slice of premade nut bread, served with butter, cream cheese, a choice of jam (we selected the apricot, which was delicious) along with two cups of coffee. The breakfast plate was enough for two people if you enjoy a light breakfast like we do. The coffee while strong (to our liking) was unfortunately cold too fast. The Mgr. and server were attentive and friendly. We'll be back to try the lunch menu. The space is beautiful and relaxing. $17.00 with tip.