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Heinz Baked Beans (UK recipe)

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We've been buying the above from our commissary but the price keeps going up and up. The kids won't eat any other brands as they're too sweet. Even the Heinz Canadian version is sweeter than their UK product. Anyone got any suggestions for a regular supply? We're in the DC/Maryland area.

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  1. Here in the AZ desert, I buy mine at the Cost Plus World Market deli section.

    1. I get mine at stop and shop in the UK section... and in DC the same company owns Giant... so I'd check there.

      1. Rodman's at Friendship Heights has them so their other stores may have them Also try World Market.

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          Rodman's in White Flint carries it, as well.

        2. Whole Foods carries them. Harris Teeter does as well. I usually get mine via Amazon.

          1. Even Giant food stores have a 3 foot wide British section that usually has Heinz cans.

            1. you can get them through amazon for $21 for a pack of 12 cans if you subscribe to have them delivered regularly thenthe go down to $20

              1. I don't know how much you're used to paying, but I saw it yesterday in Wegman's for $1.99.

                1. Our local Fresh n Easy store in long Beach, ca. has the original from England at $1.79 I bought some made in Canada but found then to be too strong and sweet . After experimenting with different recipes, I found that if you mix a can of the Heinz Canadian beans with a can of Wal-Mart navy beans, including the liquid, it is right on. Give it a bash.

                  1. Safeway in Glover Park has UK Heinz baked beans in the international aisle. I can't bear them but my son and husband are huge fans. You can also get them delivered by Safeways online (not as nice a shopping experience as Ocado back in the UK ;) but anyway) Rodmans has them too.

                    1. I have seen them at Wegman's in MD. You might assume that they will be more expensive at a regular store v. a commissary, but I have found that with imported food, it can go either way.

                      1. Thanks everyone. I found a supply at our local Grand Mart (along with custard powder, salad cream and golden syrup).