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Sep 12, 2012 02:33 PM

Mystic to Old Saybrook lobster lunch

This is a bit late, but DW has decided that she would like to go to Mystic Seaport later this week, and then get a lobster for a late lunch after our visit there. For us the trip home will be from Mystic along 95 back to Old Saybrook and then up Rt 9 to Middletown and west from there. So I know we've been to that oyster house in Mystic and it was ok, and Lenny and Joe's, always crowded -- sort of ok. We'll be looking for sit-down service, but not casino upscale since we'll have been walking around all morning. I know she is thikking of a plain lobster and I may too, but I can always be swayed by the fried oysters or other seafood if they tempt. We always appreciate the suggestions.

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  1. Abbots in Noank?....not sit down, but good

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    1. re: FriedClamFanatic

      I second Abbott's, can't beat the view (& it's a sentimental family favorite of ours.)

      I was just there last weekend, and they're only open weekends through Columbus Day.

      1. re: dennisl

        If the weather is good we may give that a try. I'm assuming the food is good at Abbot's?

    2. If it's a weekday, there is always Bills on Route 1 in Westbrook. Too crowded on weekends.

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      1. re: Scargoe

        I always wondered about that place. Is that the one just across the bridge?

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          Yes, that's the one, although the food there is not actually very good. If you sit outside (and don't mind the traffic noise over the bridge, and the weather is nice) it can be OK despite the food. Or if you're inside in the evening, and they have a music group you like. But otherwise the food is better (if not perfect) at Lenny and Joe's in Westbrook, very close. There are several lobster places around there, any of which might make a decentl lunch stop. Bill's is nothing special (as far as the food goes, anyway).

          1. re: junescook

            If the weather is nice we may try that. I'm assuming the food is good there?

            1. re: junescook

              Agree with linguist all the way. Setting is nice at Bill's, but NOT the food. I prefer Lenny & Joe's, too. And this time of year, that screened-in part of L&J's Westbrook location is kinda nice. Not waterfront nice, but nicer than the regular dining room.

              P.S. You mentioned fried oysters--I don't eat them, but my mom LOVES them at Lenny and Joe's.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I looked at the menu. Can I assume that they serve whole lobsters? They don't list it. What do you like there, Kat?

                1. re: junescook

                  Unfortunately L &J Westbrook does not have a whole lobster dinner. They have hot or cold lobster rolls and a baked lobster casserole (lazy Nan's lobster) and an entree sold with a lot of lobster meat on it (probably a whole lobster's worth). I think the L&J in Madison may have a whole lobster dinner but not positive. I love L&J's charbroiled salmon and swordfish as well as their steamers and cole slaw and my DW loves their baked scallops casserole. Of course, there's a lot of fried fish items on the menu but we can't eat fried foods. Friends say the fried clam whole bellies are quite good.

                  1. re: junescook

                    I'm not a big seafood lover, but I do love their fried scallop rolls. A LOT. I will dig up an old post of mine to show you:

                    And, don't laugh, I really love Lenny and Joe's cole slaw.

                    I just rang my mom, who IS the seafood lover. She confirmed no whole lobsters, just lobster rolls; however, L&J's lobster rolls were always her favorite until she discovered Lobster Landing in Clinton.

          2. While I too, like the seafood restaurants in Westbrook, it is 6 miles out of your way (though you can get back on 9 easily by going up 153). Lenny&Joes and Westbrook Lobster are practically neighbors.

            No one has mentioned Flanders Fish Market in East Lyme, just two blocks off I-95. Although their lunch menu only mentions lobster salad and lobster roll, they have lobster dinners for take out, and I bet that a phone call would let you get one for lunch.

            1. Captain Scott's in New London! It is not sit-down, but if you want delicious whole lobster dinner they do it great. Also hearing good things about Ford's Lobster in Noank, smaller local spot...avoid the tourist trap that is Abbot's.

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                Captain Scotts.. is that take out place near the marina? If it is...i'd second this one too. It's take-out window style, but lots of picnic tables in the area, including some under cover in case of rain. Great food there.i of course, mostly had their fried clams but others have raved about their other entries. A bit hard to think you are in the back of beyond until you make the last turn and drive about 200 yards.

                The only think you need to watch out for are the seagulls trying to steal your meal...or your eating partner. while you run back to get more napkins, sauce, forks, etc.

              2. That last comment by aareri was interesting.

                Anyway, we went this morning, Friday, to the Seaport, and had a nice liesurely time going from old building to old building, and ship to ship. We had not been there in at least 10 years and a lot was new. Obviously we have animals so when we take a day off we like to do something touristy. I think we're good for at least another ten.

                For lunch we had narrowed it down to Abbots and Lenny and Joe's. Abbot's we'd never been before, L&J we had. Around 1pm at the Seaport we'd stopped at the for a bit of refreshment and while sitting in the shade and even in a breeze we were being besieged by flies. So L&J it was.

                And that turned out fine. We followed Cat's suggestions. Though DW ordered the chowder (warm, clear, potatoes,?), everything else was excellent. We got a side of fried oysters to share as an appetizer and they were small, hot, and tender -- some of the best I've had in a long time.

                We both had the broiled lobster meat casserole. This had a split tail and four decent size claws broiled with butter and a few crumbs. Plus potatoes, plus a nice light slaw. We have been to L&J a couple of times before but interestingly this was the best meal we've had there. On the one hand this seems a little ironic since a number on CHers have commented that it has gone downhill. However, on the previous visits, I think we just were sticking with luncheon specials rather than with recommendations. Also, this afternoon, even on a Friday, having arrived around 3 pm, they were not so busy, and maybe that made our "lunch" more relaxed and more enjoyable.

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                1. re: junescook

                  Glad you two had a nice day--it sure was beautiful out. :) Also glad to hear this was the best meal you had at L&J. I had wondered about those "downhill" comments, too, and am relieved to hear your positive report.