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Sep 12, 2012 01:59 PM

Survey of San Diego Hounds

I saw this posted on the Los Angeles Board and thought it might be fun to try on our board.

The questions:

1. SD restaurants everybody loves but you (either actively dislike or think is overrated.)

2. SD restaurants nobody loves (either actively derides or just doesn't know about) but you.

3. SD restaurants everybody loves that you also love.

4. SD restaurants everybody loves that you've never been to.

For me:

#1 Bencotto - I only ate their once, but I must have either ordered the wrong thing or they were having a bad night. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't love it.
I also need to mention Searsucker, as our meal was terrible and overpriced.

#2 - Trattoria I Trulli (Encinitas) - I never see this restaurant mentioned. They make the best lasagna I've ever had and I love their bur-rata.
Mi Ranchito - Amazing taco shop in PQ that I never see mentioned. Fresh seafood and quality ingredients.

#3 - Farmhouse Cafe, Sushi Ota, Market, Trulucks, Sea Rocket Bistro

#4 - Kitchen 1540, Georges on the Cove, Mariscos German Truck

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Interesting that you mentioned Sushi Ota and Market and Trulucks under #3 - based on the comments on this boards these three restaurants are quite controversial and definitely not loved by everybody (over even the majority). (Never been to Sushi Ota but not very impressed by Market and exerperiences at Truluck were more than disappointing for the price)

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      1. re: honkman

        I think you are wrong about Ota. It is universally liked but always takes a back seat to Kaito. I think they are almost in different catagories.

      2. I'm pretty certain that Super Sergio's is a universal answer for #3.

        1. #1 Urban Solace
          #2 Sultan Baklava, Cafe Istanbul
          #3 Farmhouse, Addison, Buga
          #4 Kitchen 1540, TBL3 at George's,

          1. #1 Super Cocina, Cowboy Star, Marine Room, Bencotto
            #2 Costa Brava, Muzita Bistro, Bleu Boheme, The Smoking Goat
            #3 Urban Solace, Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano, Cafe Chloe, Mariscos German truck in City Heights
            #4 Kitchen 1540, Sab E Lee, Kaito Sushi