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Sep 12, 2012 01:29 PM

Hitting The Revel this weekend...

in which of the many dining establishments should I drop my hard earned dough?

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  1. Centrale was very good. Didn't think much of the Revel, though. Kind of a weird, empty vibe. I prefer to spend my time at the Borgata.

    1. Decided to skip all the restaurants in the Revel over Labor Day weekend and opted for Carmines in the Tropicana and Ruth Chris on Atlantic Ave. Both were very good. Reservations are definetely required at Carmines because the line was out the door all night.

      1. Whiskey Village is great if your not aiming high end. Had the best burger i ever had at their Philly location and the Revel one was on par. My wife had the crab cakes, which also were outstanding. Great draft beer selection, great atmosphere (not stuffy, laid back, fun), and of course great whiskey selection.

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          American Cut is great cut - skip dessert and save some room for "tacos de lengua" from distrito cantina

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            I agree with you about the burger in Philly...I suppose a comparison could be in order.

          2. Agree with the Village Whiskey. The food is excellent. Nothing fancy but very well prepared American food. Nice atmosphere. I would make reservations though. It's quite popular.

            I like Revel. The pool area is pretty awesome.