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Sep 12, 2012 01:14 PM

Nebraska's favorite foods

I'm researching food finds for a roundup of gift ideas and wondering who has suggestions for great Nebraska food finds. I'm searching for items that can be ordered online and shipped nationwide that are iconic Nebraska. Thanks.

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  1. I think Omaha Steaks would fit your criteria, although they are so well known they might not count as "local."

    1. Another classic Nebraska and Kansas food is a bierock. The bierock is based on the Russian pirogi. In Nebraska, the bierock is rectangular rather than muffin-shaped, and is often called a runza. Runza is also the trademarked name of a fast food restaurant that serves runzas.

      Unfortunately, you can't order Runzas online from the company (, but you can get bierocks from

      1. How about kolache? I think Kolache Factory ships.

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          I'm sorry but those are Texas kolaches, which (in my biased, Nebraskan-growing-up-in-Czech-country opinion) are a poor simulation of a true Nebraska kolache - and you almost NEVER find a savory kolache in Nebraska! And yes, I've been to Texas, I've had them before, I still feel the same way.

        2. I'd start at

          Gotta include Dorothy Lynch salad dressing :)

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