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Sep 12, 2012 01:13 PM

Kyoto - Yamamoto Menzo

This popular udon restaurant is located near the Heian Shrine. (If you are walking there, it is very scenic to walk along the canal rather than the main road). Unfortunately, the only day we could fit it in was a Saturday. We knew it would be busy so we showed up 15 minutes before opening time, only to discover that there was already a significant line in front. We waited for about 1 hour 15 minutes before we were seated. (It was very hot that day, I assume the line might be longer when the weather is more pleasant).

We got the cold udon with chicken tempura, which was amazing. We liked it so much we ordered extra noodles and then extra chicken tempura. We also got a hot Kyoto-style curry udon, which we didn't like as much. They do have an English menu. The people who work there are very friendly and helpful. Although the line was long, they came out to bring us cold tea and to take our order in advance. We decided the lunch was worth the long wait...

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  1. Sounds tasty.
    I know I have to accept that I'll miss some worthwhile experiences because I'm not keen on queuing. I have arthritis which means I find too much walking and too much standing about in any one day difficult. I know I'll be walking a fair bit to sight see, and get around, so can't imagine I'll have any reserve left for queuing.
    I'm hoping we might be able to time some places to avoid queues or simply find worthwhile alternatives that aren't _too_ much of a compromise.
    Enjoying your reviews and photos.

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      Glad you are enjoying them, Kavey! The Konaya in Tokyo did not have any lines/waiting.