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Sep 12, 2012 01:12 PM

Garage Dogs in Thousand Oaks

I stopped by to try Garage Dogs today for lunch. The place is very nice, very clean with tables both inside and on the sidewalk. Inside is somewhat confining, the place is long and narrow. The TV's were on but the sound was turned down, fortunately. The menu board is easy to read and they have a very nice selection of dogs, sausages and hamburgers. They even had a large selection of soft drinks, I need to try their root beer!!

I ordered the spicy Polish, ever in search of a replacement of my favorite Weiner Factory spicy Polish. I ordered it CCO, just like I always did at WF.

First, the sausage was very big, larger than WF’s. It came in this large French roll. It was a very large roll, thick and hard, and way too much bread for me, so I just ate the dog. (I’m still partial to WF’s soft egg bun). The chili was nice, it was all ground beef, but not spicy and there wasn’t as much of it as I would have liked. The cheese, which was nicely melted across the top, was fine. The onions were hardly noticeable.

The dog was very good. Although not spicy to my tastes, it was good quality and had nice flavor. Not up to the WF’s but better than I’ve gotten elsewhere. It had a nice crisp bite to it and it was quite filling, even without eating the roll.

So after all is said, it's not the Weiner Factory but I will go back and try a ripper or the foot long dog or maybe even a hamburger!


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  1. Thanks Les, saw the coupon for this and was wondering if it was any good. A good hot dog would be a nice break from the burger wars that seem to be raging across the Conejo Valley.

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    1. re: Pamplemoose

      Based on my one experience I would recommend it, however I would really like to try more items before I wholeheartedly endorse it!!

      FYI, I went to try Smashburger last weekend but they only cook their burgers well done. Not for me, left and went to Umami Burger, Cali Burger Rare, yea baby!!!

      1. re: LesThePress

        I love Umami Burger Westlake...the one with the chili pepper! But it is such a rich burger, I have to space my visits to about once every several months!

      2. re: Pamplemoose

        Use the coupon. Garage Dogs is good. I really like the chili, the Ripper is good. We have no complaints, and GD is in our rotation.

        Liu, I'm so sorry. Umami is not in Westlake. It's at The Lakes shopping - well, mostly dining [and apparently soon to be all-dining] - strip next to the T.O. Civic Center. My Other is way too fussy about burgers, I have to find someone to eat there with me! The Green Chile burger is intriguing.

        1. re: nikkihwood

          Whoops...Thousand are correct, nikkihwood. Thanks for making that distinction.

          The way Umami and Umami-related (I'm thinking Plan Check on Sawtelle) are popping up all over, perhaps there will be something-Umami in Westlake soon? !!

      3. Garage Dogs is a copy of Fabs...( not that that is a bad thing ). Even down to the way the dogs and burgers are described on the menu. When I called the owner on it, He said the owner of Fabs was "a consultant" on the opening of Garage Dogs.

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        1. re: sdv231

          I finally went by today with the wife. We had a footlong dog and regular dog with slaw cheese and onion, regular dog with chili cheese onion and mustard and a turkey dog and a regular hamburger. Food was really good. The chili was mild and very tasty and beats FAB and WF by a mile. Nice friendly employees and a cool owner. Will return.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            Was the turkey dog like a WF turkey dog, ?

            1. re: kevin

              I honestly don't recall what the turkey dog at WF tasted like. It has been too long. I think it is five years this month.