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Sep 12, 2012 12:48 PM

Frantic Flan Search

Hosting a South of the Border party this weekend and no time to bake desserts. Does anyone know a bakery/restaurant where I can order flans for the party? Needs to be somewhere on the Westside if possible..thanks!

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  1. Tacomiendo comes to mind. One in West Los Angeles and one in Culver City.

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        If you want a very refined flan you might check with Claudia at Sazon Latin Fusion on Washington Blvd., near Centinela. I recall reading you can order a sheet (or I assume whatever amount). It's about $5 per serving at the restaurant. If you want a very good flan for less money I'd check with the guys at Taqueria Los Anaya on Adams (between Crenshaw and LaBrea). I've had theirs also and it's very good. If you check their website they have a photo of one of the brothers preparing them. A serving goes for $2.50 a piece. Their website has a place you can e-mail inquiries if you wish or call them. The prices I've quoted were the ones I recall and before tax. Good luck!

        1. re: Feed_me

          I would recommend these completely. I've purchased Sazon's flan for a party (an impressive large sheet, since it's so thick, it cuts like a cake beautifully!) and my PICKY guests LOVED it! Los Anaya also does a good catering business, so I would trust them and their flan although a little less firm, is absolultey delicious!


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            Neat! I get seconded by Dommy and Jase. Two 'hounds whose opinions I read and respect. I posted somewhere else on the boards that Claudia has been thinking of closing Sazon because of the tough financial times. Hope she can continue. I'm not a big flan person, but hers is truly amazing. Dommy is right about the Anayas and their catering work. I've been going there fairly regularly and I finally met Juan (the third Anaya brother). When I mentioned it was (I believe) the first time I'd seen him I was told he was doing catering work in Puerto Rico and had just returned. He's supposed to go to New Zealand for more work soon. Their restaurant is going to have revamped menus soon and the place is going to expand as soon as the contractors are ready. They told me they are working on getting more parking. It's a small place so it can get pretty packed. There's more, but this thread is about finding good flan. I'm a little late responding because CH shut down early yesterday to address somebody who was posting a bunch of junk. The CH team is taking out the trash, so a big thank you from me.

      1. Westside, i'd say Sazon.

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