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Late lunch early dinner tonight solo dining

plf515 Sep 12, 2012 12:16 PM

I skipped lunch, so I'm hungry. And other plans for tonight fell through

So ... I'm looking to eat sometime soon (between say, 4 and 6) by myself.

Neighborhood: I am on the Upper West Side, but can get places. Near a subway line would be good.

Price: Say, $100 or less, including a glass of reasonable wine or a beer (depending on cuisine). Less would be better (of course).

Cuisine: I like LOTS. I like Chinese (pretty much all regions), Thai, Korean, Japanese (but not sushi tonight - not in the mood for it). Also like Italian. Most things. I like offal, I like eel. I like barbecue.

Dress: Khakis and a polo shirt


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    plf515 Sep 12, 2012 04:51 PM

    Thanks for all the replies

    I wound up going to Casa Mono. It was outstanding. For $100 (including 3 small courses, 1 dessert, 1 glass of wine and a generous tip) I had a really great meal.

    1. rose water Sep 12, 2012 02:01 PM

      Note Mission Chinese is closed on Wednesdays.

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        Riverman500 Sep 12, 2012 12:18 PM

        If you're dining that early, go for Mission Chinese, RedFarm, Ippudo, Perla, Babbo, The NoMad, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Casa Mono, Tertulia, or Minetta Tavern.

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        1. re: Riverman500
          plf515 Sep 12, 2012 12:21 PM

          Thanks for your fast response!

          1. re: plf515
            kathryn Sep 12, 2012 12:46 PM

            How hungry are you?

            Mission starts dinner at 5:30pm.
            Ippudo starts dinner at 5pm.
            Perla starts dinner at 4:30pm.
            Babbo starts dinner at 5:30pm but the bar opens at 5pm.
            The NoMad starts dinner at 5:30pm and IIRC you can only get the bar menu at the bar.
            Momofuku Ssam starts dinner at 5pm.
            Casa Mono is open all day.
            Tertulia starts dinner at 5:30pm.
            Minetta Tavern starts dinner at 5:30pm.

            Some other ideas:
            Balthazar does "late lunch" until 5pm
            Spotted Pig has a bar menu until 5pm, dinner starts at 5:30pm
            The John Dory is open all day, oyster happy hour is 5-7pm
            The Breslin starts dinner at 5:30pm
            Lupa serves all day

            1. re: kathryn
              Simon Sep 12, 2012 01:54 PM

              i esp like the John Dory idea and the Terulia idea of the ones kathryn posted above...and Balthazar: nice too at that hour, for oysters, cold prawns, and salad and wine.

              And if the OP can wait til 5:30, Txikito is a lovely solo place, at the bar

              me, i am always on the lookout for places that serve btw 3pm and 6pm, because i keep late hours and 4pm is often my quasi-lunch time...

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