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Sep 12, 2012 11:51 AM

Pitty Pat's Porch

Just had a post-counter post on another (sports) blog where the other guy took offense to my disagreeing with his recommendation of Pitty Pat's to a group of college students in town for a football weekend. Do you agree with me or disagree?

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  1. Agree with you whole heartedly. It, like Mary Mac's, has been surviving on reputation alone for a while now. I would recommend many other spots over it. Silver Skillet, West Egg, Gladys Knight's, Fox Bros., the list goes on and on.

    1. I agree regarding Pitty Pat's Porch. Contrary to "samlev", I feel that Mary Mac's is back on top of its game. Our last couple of meals there have been good.

      1. College students and Pitty Pat's? Doesn't really sound like a good fit to me.
        Much more fun to be had elsewhere. And better food.

        1. I'm going to be staying at the Omni for a conference (not a college student!) and would like to try a Pitty Pat's Porch-like restaurant (Southern). Since I won't have a car, what can you recommend in the area (I can walk up to a half hour each way). Thanks.

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            Well Rock, my Mama died a few years ago or she would pu the big pot in the little for you (be glad to cook for you).

            I am not an expert on downtown Atlanta. Milt (above) recommends Mary Mac's which used to be on of my favorites. I have not been there for several years. Walk to Peachtree, take Marta north bound to the North Avenue Station. Walk east to Peachtree, then north a block or so to Ponce de Leon, then east for a couple of blocks to Mary Mac's on the north side of the street. I is a meat and three type place who has been a southern cooking kind of place.

            Also, take Marta north to Midtown, walk east on 10th St to Peachtree Street. Find the 999 Peachtree building and then your way in to Empire State South. New fangled southern cooking but it is good. Higher priced than Mary Mac's but comparable to most downtown restaurants.

            I cannot remember the name of a local meat and three a few blocks out Marietta St from the Omni but I had some good southern cooking there. Maybe some of the hotel personnel could help.

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              Lots of existing posts on downtown which can be accessed via the search feature, such as:


              The Luckie Marietta District is near the Omni, several options there are good, including Der Biergarten and Ted's Montana Grill (a chain, but still pretty good).