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Sep 12, 2012 10:35 AM

what is bone notch for on kitchen shears? also shears for lefties?

Can anyone explain how you use this? Mentioning the part or cut of poultry and the end result you are after would be helpful.

Are all kitchen shears that come apart good for lefties? I have a pair I like, but someone gave me a very similar second pair. I was going to donate it or sell it, but 1) it has a bone notch 2) it's good for lefties also. My little son is left handed. It will be a number of years before he's big enough to use it though.

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  1. Bone notch: I used it when making lillipop chicken. Take a chicken wing, remove largest part; looks like a small drumstick. Hold chicken part at the top (small end) scrape flesh down off of the bone towards the bottom (large end). I have seen it used to crack nut shells.

    1. Hi, gecko45:

      Well, the notch is helpful when you cut through small bones, as on poultry, game birds, small game, and fish. The idea is that the straight edge of the shears will just slide on bones; the notch helps stop this sliding to allow the shears to *shear*, rather than uselessly draw-cut. Better shears sometimes also have some "teeth" near the edge of one/each cutting edge for the same purpose.

      I use mine rarely these days, mostly for breaking down chicken backs for making stock, and cutting butcher's twine.

      As far as righty-lefty goes, I can't speak to all makes/models, but my DOVO shears seem to work ambidextrously. IME, the ones that don't are the ones that have a lot of "slop" between the scissor halves--those require a little R or L torque to cut.

      Hope this helps,