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Sep 12, 2012 10:33 AM

Last-Minute Providence/Warwick-Area Dinner for Six This Saturday Night

I grew up in RI but haven't lived there in quite awhile and am not up on the restaurant scene.

To give you an idea of what we're thinking, we were planning to go to the Old Canteen but could only get an 8:30pm reservation and someone has decided that's too late. My mom has also suggested Andino's and Twin Oaks. I don't mind Twin Oaks -- it's an experience -- but kind of want to try something new. I've heard good things about Andino's but wondered what the Hounds thought and if anyone has any other suggestions.

We don't necessarily need to do Italian, but one in our party isn't a very adventurous eater and doesn't do too well with "exotic" foods. My father will probably be treating everyone, so I don't want to suggest anything too expensive. (I've never been to Gracie's and have heard great things, but it's unfortunately probably too avant garde and expensive for our group.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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  1. Providence will be tough as it's a Waterfire night. If you're considering Twin Oaks, why not consider Trattoria San Vivaldo? Not everyone's cup of tea, but could suit your group.

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      Wow, that place sounds great to me, but I just read the Yelp reviews and think it may be a little too unconventional for at least a couple of people in our group. :-) I'd love to try it under different circumstances some time, though!

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          Yeah, I wasn't talking about the food, which I'm sure is delicious. I was talking mainly about the lack of menu. That's fine with me, but there are people in our party who won't be able to deal. Thanks again!

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        Oh, and thanks for letting me know about Waterfire -- that does make things challenging.

      2. I had a really great dinner at Pane E Vino on Atwells last night. They are a little further down the strip so maybe it will be less busy. Not sure if you could get reservations for tonight this late though.

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          Thanks for the suggestion. Turns out my parents had already made a reservation at Andino's. I'll keep Pane E Vino in mind for the future, though!