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Sep 12, 2012 10:04 AM

Need good-and healthy- lunches for next 3 days

Hubby here on business, and I have dinner obligations but need lunch option near convention center (willing to walk or bike) that are good, preferably somewhat healthy. Any cuisine type

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  1. Pizzeria Bianco, Nubuo at Teeter House, Matt's Big Breakfast (they do lunch too.)

    1. I second Pizza Bianco, especially for lunch when the wait is much better, though not sure how healthy it is other than the salad. If you're willing to jump on the light rail, I like Pane Bianco for lunch (sammiches, salads) at the Campbell/Central stop.

      If you're in town on a Friday, you can walk to Central + McKinley to get lunch at the food trucks. There's a few trucks (Mojo Bowl, etc.) that focus on vegetarian or healthy meal choices.