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Sep 12, 2012 09:52 AM

Kid's Birthday Cake in Cambridge, MA

My son is turning too. I'm having a "little fish" themed party and want to get a birthday cake made that both tastes good and can be decorated to match the party.

Any ideas for good bakeries in Cambridge, MA that make cakes for kids' parties?

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  1. Came in here to suggest Lyndell's, so I'll second that vote, and the suggestion to get a half moon if you're in there as a tester. Their chocolate frosting is so good I had a brown wedding cake.

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      Thanks guys. Isn't there a Lyndell's on Prospect Street in Cambridge or is that a different one?

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        There is a Lyndell's there, not sure what the deal is with cakes & such from there. The original is in Somerville, and it is our go-to place for b-day cakes as well. Again, it's old-school, so sugary icing, traditional bakery cake. But it's delicious if you love that kind of thing and they do do a nice job w/the cakes - and they're not over-the-top expensive, either. Was just there this week getting goodies for my husband's b-day. I've been a customer for over 40 years!


    2. Not in Cambridge but close by is Lydell's bakery on Broadway in Somerville. It is our go to place for all birthdays! IMHO, they do a fantastic job decorating (you can pick from a theme they already have or just go in there with an idea - last year I brought in a bunch of toys for the cake top and asked them to do a "Little House on the Prairie" theme and they blew us away with the end result) and we love their golden cake and either white or chocolate frosting.

      I will say it is a very traditional cake - lots and lots of sugar and a LOT of frosting so if it's not your thing YMMV. If you have time to try them out in advance, a half moon from there will give you a good idea of what to expect.

      1. If you ever happen to be in Concord, MA I cannot recommend Concord Teacakes strongly enough! They just did our daughters first birthday cake and it was phenomenal. Moist white cake, real butter-cream frosting and beautiful decoration! I just dropped off a napkin from our party plate set and they took care of the rest. You can see in the pictures, they did such a cool job working the colors of the party decorations into the details of the cake, even down to switching colors for every letter of "Happy Birthday" just like the decorations (with perfect color match to boot). Oh and did I mention it was delicious!
        59 Commonwealth Ave, Concord, MA (978) 369-7644

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          The lyndells in Cambridge is the same as Somerville. I think most likely everything is made in Somerville. If that's a concern just ask, they will tell you.

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            As I write this I am wearing Groucho glasses and mustache to disguise my identity. Bakery snob that I am I surprise myself every time I make this endorsement! If you are going old school (light, feathery crumb and lots of frosting), believe it or not, the bakery cakes at Market Basket are better than decent. All their cakes are made by Hoff's in Medford (wholesale provider of cakes etc for restaurants and eateries. They have a small retail shop on site behind the Kappy's in Wellington Circle) and are then custom frosted in each MB. (that is those with bakeries, not just products). Lots of designs to choose from and the price point can't be beat.

            I've had these cakes at parties when they've been purchased with a kid's palate in mind yet all the adults dive in too. For an audience of two year olds one of these will please them and their guardians.

        2. I agree with the Market Basket recommendation. We usually get most of the birthday cakes there and have never been disappointed. We get a marble birthday cake generally just to please everyone.