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Sep 12, 2012 09:50 AM

Quiet - non-deafening restaurants in Manhattan on a Saturday

I know this topic has been broached before, but I am not finding any recent thread on it. So, here it goes again: which are some quiet restaurants, where one can have an enjoyable dinner, good food, AND conversation without loud music and obnoxiously loud patrons?

Here is the setting: my parents are coming to town and will meet my partner’s parents, their age rage is late 60s early 70s, they are from three different countries so, because of the language barrier, we need them to actually hear each other (or maybe not? ;-). My father is a foodie, so we also want some good food.

Here some specifics: Price range – say 80/90 per person (wine excluded). Cuisine – pretty open (maybe not classic Italian as my mum is Italian and a good/discerning cook). Day – alas, a Saturday. Location – flexible (with a preference for mid/upper).

Is this mission impossible? Should we just stay at home?

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    1. re: H Manning

      TX, food looks interesting and place elegant. Any others?

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        1. re: Motosport

          During peak times Artisanal is isanely loud and although we enjoy Artisanal a great deal I've never thought their food was anything more than great biiiiiiisro offerings.

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            Artisanal would have been ok, food-wise - including because it is close to veryone's abode, but I agree 100 percent with Spiritchaser that it is INSANELY loud at peak times and Sat pm would qualify as such - something to do with the high ceiling i was told. I tried reserving the small room off the side, but it only can fit 4 people ;-( ... so nope... Artisanal won't do ...

            1. re: Radhish

              Went there for Thanksgiving last year. Don't remember it being noisy. The only other places I can think of are Italian: Da Ciro, I Trulli. Both have fabulous fresh made pasta. Neither are "classic" red sauce places.

        2. La Silhouette
          Vice Versa

          1. Ok tx, can choose from a few now. Does anyone know how l'ecole is?

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            1. re: Radhish

              L'Ecole is good, but I wouldn't necessarily call it super quiet - or super loud. It has an energetic buzz.