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Sep 12, 2012 09:50 AM

Myrtle Beach birthday dinner

We're coming to Myrtle Beach for their "Mini" Marathon at the end of October to celebrate my wife's [insert milestone number here] birthday. I'd like to also bring her somewhere special for her birthday dinner. Doesn't have to be white tablecloth - I only hope that within this tourist area there's someone proudly representing S. Carolina (or at least Southeastern U.S.) cuisine. We're staying at Marina Inn Grand Dunes, but will have a car and are very willing to risk getting lost for something special. Priorities are 1 - High quality food that we wouldn't find at home (Boston), and 2 - a memorable dining experience (wow service or amazing location or funky environment).

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  1. Russell's in Murrells Inlet.

    1. Franks, Chive Blossom, or Bistro 217 in Pawleys Island
      21 Main or vintage twelve in Myrtle Beach
      Capt Daves Dockside i Murrells INLET

      1. I second Chive Blossom Cafe or Bistro 217 in Pawley's.