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Sep 12, 2012 08:58 AM

Back To School

A friend mentioned that her supper clubs theme this month is "Back To School", I felt it was pretty creative and came up with a few ideas, such as, homemade pizza bites, playful spin on PBJ...

What are some others ideas on ways to dress up the classic back to school foods and snacks?

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  1. Last September, I decided to make a "playful spin on PBJ" by making a thumb-print PB cookies filled with grape jam. Hey, I just needed an excuse to make cookies!

    I also made a big pot of the old public school cafeteria version of spaghetti that I found online (it turns out the secret ingredient was a Tablespoon of corn syrup...) and the mixed salad that came with it (iceberg, red cabbage and carrot w/ "French" dressing: the orange stuff. It's not bad if you make your own instead of using the bottled version). I served it with fluffy grocery store "Italian bread" and butter. This was the first school cafeteria meal I ever ate (c. 1969), and I have to say it really brought back the memories. Sounds cheesy and not very creative or "dressed up" on a foodie-level, but I swear EVERYONE loved it--even the people who didn't start school in the 50's and 60's.

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      Please tell me you still have that recipe!

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        Now I can't find the spaghetti recipe! I think I just pieced it together from several different recipes that I got from the internet.

    2. Maybe some great homemade potato chips? You could sprinkle them w/ whatever herbs you like. Shrimp deviled eggs are fantastic too. Veggie plate for sure, only skip the carrot/celery theme and put out some cherry tomatoes, good olives, blanched asparagus spears, marinated artichoke hearts, etc....
      Love the theme party idea.

      1. I was thinking about this some more, I am going to think of a way to really improve the sloppy joe.