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Sep 12, 2012 08:36 AM

Dim sum resto near the 401?

My brother and family are visiting Saturday and they would like dim sum, but they want to stay close to the 401 around Toronto. Any recs?

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  1. If you're not asking for "the best" Paradise at Finch and Leslie has early bird dim sum before 11am. Not sure if it's in effect on the weekends though.

    1. If you don't mind the West end, Grand is excellent. Right off of the highway at Dixon road.

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        +1 for the Grand. Best choice if your criteria is good dim sum and near the 401. 2nd choice would be the Dragon Dynasty at Brimley and Huntingwood in Scarborough (good dim sum with carts). Third choice would be Full House at Midland and Finch in Scarborough...less fancy venue, but cheaper.

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          If you go to the Grand, get the sticky fried rice and egg custard tarts for sure!

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            Agree, the dim sum at Grand is delicious.

          2. There's Grass Mountain at Don Mills & Finch. Not as easy to get to (must exit at Leslie or 404) but in the general vicinity of the 401. Also, I wouldn't go there myself. Probably you should ignore my advice and go with someone else's.

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              Riz North, on Yonge between Wilson and Lawrence, so just south of the 401, has a decent selection of dumplings as well as a large mulit-asian menu. Black rice sushi is particularily good as is the crispy beef. Lots of noodle options also.



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                ".. Also, I wouldn't go there myself. Probably you should ignore my advice and go with someone else's...By trane"


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                  Strolling in the upscale Bayview Village Shopping Centre today, I noticed - for the first time - a dim sum restaurant called Pearl. On a placard at its entrance, it advertises all day dim sum. Bayview Village, on the northeast corner of Bayview and Sheppard, is just a few minutes north of the 401. Take the Bayview north exit off the 401 and you're just about there. I can't vouch for the quality, naturally, having never tested the place (my dim sum go-to joint is far, far north of the 401, though also on Bayview), but most of the eating places in Bayview Village are reasonably reliable. Pearl is at the western end of the plaza.

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                    Totally forgot about Pearl! It's an outpost of Pearl Harbourfront, I think. Decent dim sum. Not terribly cheap, but location is good.

                    1. re: jlunar

                      Agree, decent dim sum at Bayview Village's Pearl. I'd actually go so far as to say better than decent, it's pretty good. Doesn't compete with the dim sum at Yang's or Grand, but Pearl's har cow and cheung fun taste better than the versions served at many of the cheaper places in Scarborough or Chinatown. Not a big place, which tends to be very busy on weekends, so I get my dim sum to-go if it's busy and I'm having a craving.

              2. Leslie and Finch is the closest to you unless you want to go up 404 to Steeles.

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                  How is Leslie and Finch closest when we don't know where he/she is? The request was for close to the 401. Grand and Pearl are both within a couple of blocks of the 401.

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    True TorontoJo, we dont know where and how far they are willing to drive for good dim sum.

                2. Thanks for everyone's help. We ended up at Crown Prince on Vic Pk @ Tempo. Food was pretty good but I didn't realize it wasn't a cart type of dim sum. My nephew and nieces had lots of har gow and cheong fun so everyone was happy. I will have to keep Pearl and all those other places in mind for their next visit!

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                    Ha you rejected all the suggestions and chose a location that was further away from the 401. Good choice though, and glad you were all happy. Btw, most dim sum joints are non-cart now...the best cart place is probably still the Dragon Dynasty. Also thanks for following up your OP and letting us know what you decided.