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Sep 12, 2012 08:24 AM

Bistro du Midi or Nix's Mate

Coming from out of town and looking to entertain some of my favorite clients in Boston with a group of 6-8.
This is somewhat last minute so I have limited options give the date and time.
We could do a private dining room but don't need to go that route. For various reasons have narrowed the list to two.

Would appreciate some Chowhound advice:
Bistro du Midi or Nix's Mate.

Also for another evening would appreciate any takes on Blue or Vintage Lounge.

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  1. Nix's Mate is fine food, but sort of boring. I would go to Bistro du Mdi. Blue is tiny and possibly not conducive to business and Vintage is simply a no.

    1. Slightly off topic, but I did notice that Nix's Mate was doing a $75 tasting menu for 2 people on Gilt City. I don't know all the details, but that seems way below their normal price point. Made me wonder how they're doing. Hard to make money on a meal like that (especially when you're giving a big chunk to Gilt).

      1. Half the menu at Nix's Mate is very interesting, reminiscent of what Nevins did in his Neptune Oyster days. The other half reflects its setting in a mid-priced business traveler's hotel that gets a fair amount of tourists. The bar scene is a zoo; the dining room tends to be half empty and doesn't have the most polished service.

        Bistro du Midi has a tight focus on Southern French cuisine, a stronger wine list, and very polished service. The chef has a really fine hand with seafood, and the roast chicken for two is also really nice. Prices are about the same. I guess it depends on what you're looking for, but I'd probably bring clients to BdM.

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          I just had a very wonderful dinner at BdM the other night. The first time I'd been there, but everything was extremely professional, the quality of the food was very high, and the space was quite elegant. The customers included both younger and older diners. It seems like a great place to entertain clients.

        2. I also would steer you to Bistro du midi. As to Blue Inc (is that what you are referring to?) it is VERY LOUD, and as much as we wanted to love it (having been big fans of the chef for yrs before he opened here) we were v. disappointed. Also, fwiw, CH posts about it have been consistently negative iirc.

          For your second dinner, what are you looking for in the food,room etc? so we can rec some other places for you.