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Dinner Tonight: Brookline, Allston, Brighton

You know I read most of the posts on this board, so am remotely familiar, but it's been quite awhile since I lived around the corner fron the Linden Superette.

We need a place for a casual dinner tonight, preferably with a beer/wine license at least.

No Italian. Open to all other cuisines. No Rod Dee!! (heh hehe) Since we just ate Korean last night we aren't opposed but might want something else unless its super.

We'd like to explore Allston/Brighton but are heading to Brookline afterwards, so Brookline is ok, too.

All suggestions appreciated .... Thanks

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  1. Regal Beagle in Coolidge Corner and Cognac Bistro more toward Allston. Soulfire, Deep Ellum and Lone Star. Camino Real in Allston for super casual Columbian. Cafe Brazil on Camb. St.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        My first thought too, but they don't have a liquor license.

      2. The Abbey in Washington Square.

        1. Have you been to Cognac Bistro on Harvard yet? I enjoyed my meal there.

          1. Thanks Guys! Those are all great suggestions. I will discuss them with my buddies soon.

            Just our of curiosity ... what is the name of the place that used to be The Hammond on Washington Sq on the corner across Beacon fromThe Fireplace. Im spacing it. Wish it were still tthe Hammond.

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                I actually think he's referring to the Abbey which is on the otehr side of beacon, if memory serves me correctly, wash sq tavern is on the same side as the fireplace. They are a similar though, The Abbey is owned by people who used to be associated w/ Wash sq Tavern, I think former chef maybe?

                1. re: tysonmcneely

                  I'm pretty sure Wash Sq Tavern is across the street from The Fireplace on th inbound side of Beacon.

            1. Hop n Scotch in Coolidge Corner, on Beacon, former site of Finale. Lots of micro brews and an interesting menu. Good bar scene on first floor, quieter dinning on the second.

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                Had dinner last night at Hops N Scotch. We opted to dine downstairs, as it was quite lively. Not noisy, though. We had the short ribs braised in wine, came with mashed potatoes and green beans. Everything was well seasoned, and delicious. We indulged in the beer bread with pimento cheese spread, also v. good. For dessert, we split the warm brownie sundae with peanut sauce. Oh my.

                1. re: chuck s

                  That place seems to be doing quite well. Busy almost every night and attracting a young professional crowd.

                  1. re: chuck s

                    Went there last night and it was awful. AWFUL. Like tasteless industrial cafeteria food. We could not wait to leave. Off night?

                    1. re: BostonCookieMonster

                      Oh goodness, I hope that's the reason. It was really good the night we were there.

                  2. We just had a fantastic meal at Ariana, on Brighton Ave. The food was delicious. We had the Kaddo and the Aushak, and I had the Dopiaza. Everything was well spiced, fresh and tasty.


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                      Thanks for the reminder. Ariana had fallen off my radar screen (I really do need to update the list I started ages ago...). My son and I really enjoyed our one meal there. We need to go back.

                    2. Thanks all.

                      My vote was for Cognac but we opted for Abbey because of its proximity to our friend's house.

                      Right before getting there my DP found out that they needed to be somewhere much earlier than planned. When we arrived at tthe Abey there was a bit of a wait, so we opted to go next door to Jimmy's where it was wide open. For a reson, it seemes.

                      We often pop in for a beer there but had never eaten dinner and probably wont again. The food was just ok, overpriced for what it was and took forevvvvvvvvvvvver. Perchance they were hydroponically growing the lettuce for my salad out back which would account for the wait, but I doubt it.

                      We parked directly in fron of Jimmy's, just like we did Rod Dee (yuck) a few weeks back ... coincidence?

                      I am looking forward to trying out your kind suggestions soon, though ...

                      1. The Abbey is the old deli, no? It's next door to Jimmy's.

                        WST is around the corner. Lost a lot of brain cells there when it was the Hammond back in the day (and at The Tam, across the street).

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                        1. re: C. Hamster

                          Jimmy's is the old deli and the Abbey is the old wine bar space that's smaller. But same block.

                          1. re: lergnom


                            Makes sense now that I think of it, based on the size of the space.

                        2. I wonder about Regal Beagle it looks promising but I went about a month a go my food was cold and they ignored me even though it was not busy at all. But I have noticed a lot of places will ignore me now that I am pregnant and can not drink.You should be fine if you drink. I told the waiter that the food was cold and he still charged me for it and did nothing to resolve the problem.

                          Hops N Scotch was busy but the service/food was a lot better, the flavors were there had the beef stew it just needed a bit more pepper(but I love pepper) The scotch menu looked great and would love to return to try some of it when I am able.

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                          1. re: l0b0SKI

                            It really seems like the general consensus about the Regal Beagle is "it could be good, but..."

                            1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                              I've been disappointed in the Regal Beagle which has been consistently inconsistant and I don't know anyone who has been impressed with Jimmy's, though some of my younger friends say its an ok place for a drink and pasta if that's all you want. Other than Cognac Bistro, which isn't quite in my "walk zone", we like the Washington Square Tavern, Umami, Fireplace Grill particularly for lunch, the Abbey, and Public House, pretty much in that order.

                              1. re: teezeetoo

                                There's also Tamarind Bay. I've had consistently good meals there.

                                1. re: teezeetoo

                                  What's good at Umami? I walk by it all the time and the menu is interesting.

                                  1. re: lergnom

                                    I like their version of Tom Yum soup, their shitake mushrooms with quail egg, and their asian-style bouilliabaisse. Theymake consistently good cocktails and seem to have generally sweet-natured staff. They also have that nice outdoor patio for the good weather.

                                    1. re: lergnom

                                      The cocktails are unique, the steak is good and so are the noodle dishes.

                                2. re: l0b0SKI

                                  ( re: l0b0SKI) I can't let this slip by without comment even though it's off-topic. How sad that you feel ignored while pregnant! My experience through two pregnancies has been just the opposite. I've had servers go out of their way to offer mocktails, check on various pregnancy-related food restrictions, etc. If you want really good service bordering on the celebrity treatment while pregnant, go to Bergamot in Somerville. Not only did they whip up a killer pregertini for me, they insisted we bring the baby back for her first dinner out after she was born.

                                  To remain a little on-topic, I agree the food and service at Regal Beagle was pretty mediocre.

                                  1. re: Parsnipity

                                    i really like your story. what a treat! we must go give them another try.
                                    back On Topic, i was wishing someone was going to rec Daily Catch because it's on our list but has had almost zero mention on CH.

                                    1. re: Parsnipity

                                      Oh wow I love that! Thanks for the hope that there are still people who care about/have good customer service skills. I will have to try them out very soon.