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Sep 12, 2012 07:18 AM

Little-Known, Out-of-the-Way Red-Sauce Italian Places in MA or RI?

Hey, all. Looking to find a good under-the-radar casual red-sauce Italian restaurant outside of the big cities in MA or RI (and definitely outside of Route 495 in the Boston area). Any come to mind? Bonus points for places that have outdoor dining and/or are in scenic locations. Thanks!

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  1. Linguini's Italian Eatery in Marlborough, MA. No outdoors, and not particularly scenic, but the food is incredible old-Italian-grandma style.

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    1. re: anthony.izzo

      There must be more than 50 items on that menu! Has anyone ever eaten there who could post? Looks like a "Kitchen Nightmare" situation with that menu....... ;)

      1. re: Science Chick

        I've eaten there a number of times with friends, and we've ordered a wide variety of their menu items, all come out really great every time.

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          I've eaten lunch at Linguine's many times. Their pizza is excellent. I like their meatball lasagne (and it runs out quickly when offered as a lunch special). They offer a number of pastas in the "pink sauce" which is basically alfredo with a touch of tomato and is delicious. When they offer homade ravioli its usually good...particularly the butternut squash.

      2. I just had dinner at Paisano's Deli in Wrentham, MA. It's on 1A, off 495. Everything we had was delicious. I particularly loved the stuffed pepper. It was stuffed with seafood risotto. They have a little outdoor patio, it abuts the parking lot. The indoors is small, but I found it charming.

        1. We like Frankie's in Lenox. MA

          1. Reali's in Johnston, RI. Not scenic or outdoors. In fact the decor is dated and kitschy. Very good food and colorful characters though.

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              We have been to Reali's twice in two years, using Last time(July): not so good. Gristly veal, unevenly cooked. No wine list; just selling individual bottles off a shelf. Someone's getting tired, methinks.

            2. Guiseppe's Grill in Northborough, off Rt 290. It has an outdoor deck in the back that overlooks Solomon Pond. The food is solid red sauce Italian, but not breaking any culinary ground. They always have a good crowd on the patio in summer.

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                I'll have to check this place out, too!