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Sep 12, 2012 06:14 AM

Birthday dinner in October

I'm visiting New York at the end of October for my other half's 30th birthday. We'd like to go for a nice dinner on the day (30th oct) and I don't really know where to start!

We can't afford anything too expensive - for a special occasion dinner in London I'd expect to pay around £60 each for 2 or 3 courses with wine but I don't know how that compares with NYC prices?

We like all sorts of food so just wondering if there are any stand out recommendations I should check out? Area wise we could go anywhere but really like Soho, West Village & Chelsea.

Thanks in advance for your advice
E :)

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  1. 60 GBP to USD is about $100 USDpp.

    The price of wine can vary a lot. It's better to give a per person price for just food.

    Also don't forget to account for sales tax (almost 9%) and gratuity (20%).

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      Thanks Kathryn. I guess I am looking for somewhere that is around $50 per person for food only then.

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          Here are some good restaurants which are in that price category, if you have a 3-course meal (appetizer or primo, main or secondo, dessert):

          La Sirene, a charming bistro (full disclosure: I've been there only once, and it was probably 2 years ago):

          Lavagna - if you go, request the table overlooking the garden. Good wine list, too.


          Note that they will give you a "half portion" of pasta for half price, but you must ask for a "half portion." Asking for a "primo portion" may not work. Their food and wines are good, but the place can be really loud, so keep that in mind.

          I think Momofuku Ssam Bar would also be well within your price range, but their current menu pricing doesn't seem to be available online. They don't take reservations for 2.

          Salumeria Rosi:

          Might be further uptown than you want to go, as it's on Amsterdam near 73 St., and it's an unusual type of restaurant, in that they specialize in salumi, but it's very good and within your price range.

          I'll try to think of some other ideas for you.