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Sep 12, 2012 05:31 AM

Bill's Barbecue closing remaining locations Sept 16

I guess they waited too long to restructure, or else business dropped too precipitously? Sad to see a Richmond institution go by the wayside, even if I didn't like their BBQ much, their chocolate pie and banana pudding and limeaid were staples of many here in Richmond

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  1. I'm sorry to see them go. While I realize that many younger folks did not care for their "barbecue," this was a great place in its heyday.

    1. We always got a pie there for Thanksgiving. I am sad to see the pie and limeade go.

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        If I were the Ukrops family I would reach out to Bill's and see if I could get them to do their pies to sell in the Ukrops serviced Martin's stores, or something along those lines.

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          That's a great idea. I always loved their crust (I think there's lard in it...lol) and that whipped cream..mmmmm.

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            Great idea! I really want the HOT SAUCE more than the pies or even the BBQ.

        2. So sad. Bill's is a Richmond institution. We have a family tradition of one Bill's BBQ meal during the stay of any visiting family members. We just get a couple of pounds with the fixins. To me their hot sauce is the best thing they have. I have never tasted any other like it and I am going to REALLY miss it. It seems to me that someone should be able to purchase the recipes and re-open with an updated presentation?? But I think that the idea of selling pie and SAUCE recipes to Ukrops and letting Ukrops offer the product in their stores is better than no Bill's at all forever. I just can't imagine Richmond without Bill's. Well, I'm still working on getting used to Richmond without Thalheimer's and Charles Chips!

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            So does anybody have an attempt at their hot sauce recipe? I'm really going to miss it!