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Sep 11, 2012 11:15 PM

Good restaurant (near good hotel) in Gold Country

We're looking to stay 1 night in Gold Country, eating in a very good restaurant (with a nice hotel nearby). Some postings on Chowhound are a bit dated, but here's what I've gleaned for the destination-type restaurants (and some nearby hotels picked from elsewhere):

Taste, in Plymouth (Thur-Mon only) (Plymouth House Inn)
Carpe Vino, Auburn (anything besides a Holiday Inn-type chain recommendation?)
Diegos, Grass Valley (Courtyard Suites, or ??)

Are these restaurants still good? Anything else worth the drive (my husband's agreed to make the trip based on dinner at a really good restaurant)? Any better hotel suggestions in those areas? I've considered the Columbia Hotel, but it doesn't look like they serve dinner any more.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. While I love Diego's, it is not the white tablecloth restaurant you are probably looking for, especially compared to Taste and Carpe Vino. And, there is not really a nice hotel in the area. Holiday Inn is about as good as it gets up there

    And Auburn is kind of the same. HI and the usual chains are about it for hotels. There are some Bed and Breakfasts there that look great however.

    Personally I would go to Taste. The Plymouth area is pretty nice without a city feeling (Like Auburn and Grass Valley)....Not only is it in the gold country and close to most of the gold sites it is also right in the middle of the wine country that is now flourishing in that area. With the vines full of grapes, that should be something.

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      Bennyboy1, I agree completely with everything you say. I have had many excellent meals at Taste. I understand Carpe Vino is serving full dinners again. After receiving prestigious awards for their dinners, they switched to small plates when I was there. The food was great, but I want to return to try their full dinners. One thing I want to add is that the hotel in Grass Valley is a newer Holiday Inn Express, which is different from a regular Holiday Inn. I’ve had very poor results at regular Holiday Inns, but the Express is much nicer. Actually, I stayed at an Express in Avignon, France and although I was highly skeptical, the room was very nice and the breakfast was really good (not like the U.S. version). It was so good that I complemented the staff when we checked out.

    2. Take a look at the Imperial Hotel in Amador City. It's just a few miles from Plymouth, but the little town keeps the historic feel. The hotel itself is in a building that dates back to 1879. They have their own restaurant which is quite nice. You might call and check to see if they have any special events, like a winemaker dinner, coming up.

      As bennyboy mentioned, you are close to a lot of Amador County wineries as well as the historic gold rush sites.

      1. Folks, Chowhound is about finding great food and drink, lodging discussions are out of scope for this forum. Please keep the focus on the chow.