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Sep 11, 2012 10:05 PM

Ramen versus chuka soba ya

I miss simple Tokyo style chuka soba/ramen of old days. What I'm finding is mostly very highly seasoned (kotteri) soup stock that is ok sometimes, but not what I am searching. Even here in the Bay Area there are some decent ramen places but mostly their stocks are again too strong tasting with sesame, miso, katsuo, peppers, tobandjan, etc.

I went to several places in Tokyo area but I found the soup in those places highly seasoned as well. It is possible the ramen/chuka soba I'm searching for only really exist in my memory and never were that great. I asked my cousin in Japan about this and he said it can be found if I look for chuka soba instead of ramen.

Do any of you know of good chuka soba places that serve the old style Tokyo ramen?

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  1. It's the kind of thing you run across on a shotengai someplace - a little, old-fashioned chuka shop that serves noodles, gyoza, chahan, etc. I've eaten in places like that many times, but it never occurred to me to note their names or recommend them. They do still exist though.

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      I do like also the 'asari' type of ramen, here below the links of the ramen i will recommend you ;
      Ramen Aoshima in Akihabara
      Ramen Hototogisu in Hatagaya (Toei Keio Shinjuku line from Shinjuku
      Chuuka soba is also 'tanmen', 'yakisoba', and 'ramen', .., with some japochinese tendency also..

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        Ramen Aoshima is pretty good. Hototogisu I haven't been to.

        Bannai (坂内) would be the chain place that comes closest to what you want I think.

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          Thank you. I made a note of this one too and will try.

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          Thank you. I made note of these two places for me to try when in Tokyo. I do like the new style ramen but I sure miss old Tokyo style ramen.

        3. re: Robb S

          Thank you. Never occured to me either when I lived there - it was just a part of a landscape.

        4. Tagano has excellent shoyu ramen that has been at the top of the Ramen Database user rankings for a few years now--> . But standard wafu-chuka places that serve this are ubiquitous. The term chuka soba is just an old timey way of saying ramen. It's not a different dish and restaurants simple choose what they want to call it. Usually the wafu-chuka places stick with chuka-soba though.

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            Thank you - looks good and will try when I'm there.