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Jungsik should get 3 Michelin stars

I've been to Jungsik many times, and I am so thrilled with the creative , great tasting dishes here. I had another amazing meal tonite, rivaling the best of the best restaurants. IMHO better than Brooklyn Fare, better than EMP, better than Le Bernadin , Soto, and more. Up there with The Modern and Jean-Georges.
The 3 types of bread were terrific,
The amuse bouche was amazing, with a few new ones added.
The foie gras mousse fantastic.
The yellowtail sashimi hew excellent
The octopus delicious
The foie gras rice and quail egg wonderful
The uni rice dish was perfect
The kalbi rice dish , although different than the past preparation was so so good.
The smoked pork jowl was unbelievable that they can make pork jowl taste so good
The crispy snapper with crispy scales was memorable
The wagyu beef was unbelievable ( a bite taken out of one piece in photo below)
The plum dessert, the chocolate dessert, the petit fours, and the green tea cremeux were great ending to a perfect meal.
The service was impeccable. Better than the places mentioned above by far. The staff so attentive and knowledgeable, the wine selection was excellent. The cocktails were really good and the cappuccino was excellent.
I started a new thread, because this place is just so good, and so worthy of praise. If you haven't tried it yet, definitely do so.

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  1. I just wish it had more customers.

    But, yes, I agree with you that Jungisk is fabulous.

    1. Wow--great review! Jungsik is now #1 on my list of "must try" restaurants. My only problem is that since everything sounds so wonderful, I won't be able to narrow down my choices. I guess the only solution would be a couple of visits to get through the menu :-).

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        Just cancelled my reservation at The NoMad, and booked Jungsik in its place. Looking forward to dinner at Jungsik!

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          You'll be really pleased. I've been 4 times, and have been delighted every time. I agree with foodwhisperer; the place is clearly one of the best in town.

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          best to start out first visit with the tasting menu, second visit pick and choose. It's all good

        3. I've always been curious about this place, but I can't really bring myself to pay up for the tasting menu. How should I think about the choice menu? I note they now have prices (2, actually, for each item) on it, but any idea on sizes and what is a reasonable meal?

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            Get 4 dishes of the lower priced, that should be enough. Don't pig out like me

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              The tasting menu is totally worth it. It's the best way to experience Jungsik.

            2. I agree wholeheartedly! I have been to Jungsik several times. The cuisine has been consistently delicious. Great review. More people need to know how good this restaurant is!!!

              1. Absolutely 100% agreed. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

                1. I just checked out the menu and it looks fantastic. Going to have to change my plans.

                  I have a question about the prices listed. Some of the dishes have two prices listed. Half and full portions?

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                    What dishes are recommended by everyone?

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                      I recommend every dish on the menu. Look at the pictures above , those are only some of the dishes. The amuses bouches that are no charge are my favorite though.

                  2. Def enjoyed my meals here more than I did at EMP, the Modern, and Atera

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                      Wow-that's some high praise since I love both EMP and Atera. Now I'm really looking forward to my dinner at Jungsik.

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                        EMP, went on a "off" night, two or 3 courses were just too salty. Nothing wrong with Atera at all, I just cant handle 4 hour meals anymore.

                    2. Ate at Atera last night and Jungsik tonight (this is my third time at the latter)

                      Hard to compare since they are so different in experience but I will say Jungsik keeps getting better and the Wagyu course and the smoked pork jowel were two of the best things I've eaten this year

                      1. Jungsik was already good enough when it first opened, and it just keeps getting better everyday. I totally agree it deserves the Michelin stars. :)

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                          Hey here's an idea . Let's give Jungsik 3 ChowHound Stars, perhaps more credible than Michelin Stars

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                            I just skimmed over nymag's review from last year. I can't decide if he's right, or culturally tone deaf. Eh who cares, it's a dated review anyways.

                            Also, Jungsik isn't even an entry in the Michelin book, stars or no. Is that normal for this kind of restaurant?

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                                I went to Jungsik for my birthday, and it was amazing! Here are photos of my desserts.

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                              Just had the tasting menu and I totally agree with the Chowhound Stars. The meal was wonderful. They deserve some sort of recognition. Our meal was definitely a Michelin calibre feast deserving of a Michelin star or two.

                          2. Amazing 10 course tasting menu at Jungsik tonight! Able to make substitutions on the menu with a small surcharge for substituting the lobster for the crispy snapper. Every dish was delicious (especially the foie gras, lobster, truffle rice, wagyu, all desserts--actually everything). Service was perfect--attentive and very friendly. Sommelier gave me great advice on a perfect German Riesling (2009 Robert Weil Spatlese). Beautiful dining room. Already planning a return visit.

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                              BTW, forgot to mention that the decor is lovely, and by the time we finished dinner after 9:00, almost all of the tables were taken. Most of the guests seemed to be in their 20s-30s. It seems the great reports are helping to fill the tables.

                            2. So I got a little excited and booked Jungsik for a saturday in 2 weeks. Problem is its at 5 before sleep no more at 7:30. That leaves me about 2 hours. Enough time? What say you. I dont want to rush this and can always switch to a different night.

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                                My 10 course tasting menu took 3 hours. Probably if you ordered a la carte you should be okay.

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                                  You can show up to Sleep no More early or late, and leave when you feel like it

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                                    The way Sleep No More works is a little odd. Even though Sleep No More sells tickets for 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, and 8pm, the "show" actually starts at 7pm. The staggered times are so that the elevator entry to the show isn't overhwhlemd. And there's usually a line to get in.

                                    I recommend getting in line around 6:30pm -- actual doors are at like, 6:50pm. Even if you buy a 7:30pm ticket, they will let you in with the 7pm people if you show up early.

                                    You can show up at 7:30pm but then you have to stand in line, check your coat/bags, and by the time you get in, you're paying for "show" you don't actually get to see. If you are from out of town, IMO you won't want to miss out on any part of it (I'm a big fan).

                                    It's also a very active show -- I would not want to go on a very full stomach.

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                                      Thanks for clarifying Kathryn. I think I'll postpone my Jungsik resvs to the end of the month as I don't want to rush this. I'll look for a quick bite near the show. Any recs?

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                                        There's the aperitivo hour at Ovest, for some thing light. You can also have some small plates at Txikito. Or Gallow Green, next door. Gallow Green is the rooftop garden bar next door to the show and opens at 5pm. It's pricey but beautiful.

                                  2. After following several helpful threads here for a while, our much anticipated meal here a couple of weeks ago was indeed likely the best meal of the year for us: the service was impeccably paced, two half-bottles were perfectly stretched to last and linger at the end, and each plate had the level of perfection that's not easily done when incorporating traditional flavors.

                                    Much of the dishes are described well here, but it was our first time tasting the combination of barley (not rice) with truffles in their risotto dish which seems a best match on earth (shavings of truffle would have been heavenly) and both rich and subtle flavors of the spicy ramen with seafood broth served in a deep bowl was as sophisticated as ramen can be and deeply satisfying. All in all a meal we will remember and can't wait to return...

                                    1. Heading back to Jungsik next month for a solo dinner. Loved the Tasting Menu, but will probably opt for the a la carte menu. What dishes should I get. If the lobster, duck and wagyu dishes are still on the menu, I'll probably order the half portions of each. But what else??

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                                        The smoked pork jowl was amazing and would be my first choice.. The octopus would be a good choice and kalbi of course. Look at the dishes and pictures I posted as the OP of this thread. These are from their new menu. You can order several of the half orders.

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                                          The Jungsik Salad is wonderful, so is the Octopus. Definitely order their rice dishes as well. I like Sea Urchin and Bossam.

                                          And yep, the Smoked Pork Jowl IS amazing. That's a must.

                                        2. Finally made it to Jungsik on Saturday. I wouldn't give it the hyperbolic praise that some folks on here do, but it was an enjoyable meal and I do think the place is a little underrated.

                                          I had:

                                          1) Quartet of sesame cracker, tofu, korean chicken "soup", and potato salad espuma
                                          2) Bulgogi slider, Korean fried chicken nugget
                                          3) Smoked clam chowder

                                          Proper courses:
                                          1) Octopus
                                          2) Bossam
                                          3) Crispy Red Snapper
                                          4) Jungsik Steak
                                          ETA: Intermezzo of ginger orange juice with diced fruit
                                          5) Peanut St. Honore

                                          Mignardises consisted of a mugwort financier, rice & chocolate bonbon, and a yuzu macaron.

                                          The smoked clam chowder was really fabulous. I certainly could have had more of that. The rest of the amuses were just kind of ok.

                                          The octopus was was of the best preparations in town, up there with Le Bernardin and Del Posto (I still give the edge to LB).

                                          The bossam was very good, but not really great. I couldn't help but think that I could probably find something similar to this in a local ethnic restaurant at a fraction of the price.

                                          The technique used to cook the crispy red snapper was extraordinary. The fish was flawlessly cooked, with a crispy layer of skin and scales on top. That being said, I didn't think the spicy green sauce used on this dish really added much, but that could just be my personal taste.

                                          The Jungsik steak was flawlessly cooked and clearly an extremely high quality piece of meat. The flavor was very rich and buttery, as one might expect from wagyu beef. But again, I felt like the kimchi sauce just didn't marry well with the steak. Also, the portion of steak was extremely small for $38. I realize wagyu beef is expensive, but there could not have been 2oz of beef on the plate.

                                          The peanut st. honore dessert was one of the better desserts out there, but not really revelatory. Mignardises were fine.

                                          Service was fine, although sometimes a little stiff. They kept trying to upsell me on the wine, and I'm not much of a wine drinker.

                                          Overall it was a very good meal. It feels like a NY Times 3-star kind of place, so in that respect I feel like it's a bit underrated. Would I go back? I'm not sure. Maybe once a year.

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                                            i also think jungsik's food would taste so much better without the korean influences. i love korean food. i even love the fusiony korean dishes at danji. at jungsik the korean influences feel forced and not really cohesive to the western style proteins served. i agree the steak would be so much better without the kimchi sauce. matter in fact the 10 course tasting menu would be better reduced to 6-7 courses of primarily western dishes. of course at around $85 it would be a great deal as well.

                                            i feel as if the restaurant tries to koreanize the dishes just to market itself knowing korean food is pretty hip right now. i'm sure most people go there expecting fine dining korean fare where it's actually predominantly western fare with a fraction of forced korean influences which actually makes the overall dishes worse. just my 2 cents...

                                            1. re: kanekim212

                                              +1, could not have said it better myself. The western/korean fusion definitely seems forced. Jean Georges' cooking is a similar idea, but he pulled it off.

                                              1. re: deprofundis

                                                +1 (or I guess this might be +2)

                                                I like Jungsik for what it is. Indeed, I like it a lot.

                                                The idea that is a three-Michelin-star restaurant is beyond absurd.

                                            2. re: deprofundis

                                              Haha, finally someone calls it.

                                              I liked Jungsik. For 100–120, you get a 5-course Western menu with Korean accents. The majestic Bouillabaisse has a unique broth and all sorts of shellfish, including a nice piece of that unscaled red snapper. The Plum dessert is nearly perfect, only that the rose flavor gets overpowering, veering towards the taste of a cheap Turkish delight. As for the Octopus, I prefer the way Jungsik cooks it, but Le Bernardin's plating and saucing is more sensible. The Ramyun is as tasty as Totto Ramen's, and hypothetically if Totto Ramen were to replicate Jungsik's version (foie gras, seared and probably sous-vided pork belly, seafood stock) their noodles would also have to go for $19.

                                              In the history of the modernization of China, there occurred an adoption of Western musical instruments by the political apparatus. New orchestral music was composed, of a fundamentally Western style, but using Chinese melodies and harmonies. The results were then waved around as a point of nationalistic pride.

                                              Something to reflect on.

                                            3. Finally made it to Jungsik. It was good enough, but didn't blow me away. I was there at 8PM on a Wednesday and dining room was about 75% full. Not clear to me that the business is sustainable given the turnover - as a counterpoint, I ended up going to Locanda Verde for dessert afterwards and that place was filled to the gills at 10PM.

                                              I had the uni rice, crispy snapper, monkfish, smoked pork jowl and octopus. Everything was tasty, but somehow, it just didn't blow me away. Maybe I'm just too much of a sushi purist, but I felt the uni rice was a bit oversalted and frankly, while the rice was good, I prefer the clean taste of quality uni on plain sushi rice. Same with the octopus, where I prefer 15 East's much more simple presentation of octopus with the dipping salt.

                                              All that said, I really did enjoy each of the broths that came with the two fish and the pork jowl dishes. But, I don't think this is a place I'd be hankering to come back to on a regular basis, unlike a 15 East or Locanda Verde, to name 2 places.

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                                                I recently made it for the first time too. Food was very good, but there was nothing that made me stop me in my tracks to savor what I was eating. Octopus was a good as I've had elsewhere. Bibim left me puzzled. Kalbi was tender, but if I compare it to the beef at EMP, EMP wins. Pork jowl had a great balance between crisp and tender, but seemed too bacon like for me. I thought the Bossam was one of the best things I had that night, but I think i prefer Ssam Bar. Uni was of very high quality. The yook hwe was fabulous though. Loved the rice with the seaweed flavor. Monkfish was ok. Crispy snapper was very good. Sommelier did a great job in picking out champagnes and wine for us. Desserts weren't that interesting to me. Service was fine but not up to EMP. Overall a positive dining experience, but I'm not sure its up to the level it should be when you drop a grand on dinner. Dining room was about half filled when we were there so I wonder about their economics too. Honestly preferred going to the space when it was Chanterelle. No way a 3 star.

                                              2. We tried Jungsik this week and while we loved the food, I don't feel it deserves 3 Michelin stars. If you order carefully, you can eat here for less than at other high-end restaurants and we will definitely return.

                                                While the large and small plates were all delicious and compare with other one-stars like Picholine and The Modern, the canapes and mignardises were not quite up to that level, nor was the service.

                                                The waiter, unable to answer questions about the wines I was interested in, tried to up-sell to something 3 times the price of what I asked about. I finally asked to speak with the sommelier, something the waiter should have suggested. The sommelier was very helpful, and enthusiastic about the obscure and relatively cheap wine (2009 Bierzo) I was interested in. It turned out to be an excellent wine and an excellent value at $48. I usually find that sommeliers are not wine snobs, and will go out of their way to help find hidden gems in the lower price range.

                                                The other service issue is that my questions about portion sizes were not adequately answered and we had to guess how much to order. The waiter recommended ordering 4 small plates per person, one choice from each column. I asked if a large plate was equivalent to 2 small ones, and the response was that the dishes are not meant to be served family-style. We ordered 3 large plates (appetizers and rice dishes) and 3 small (rice dish and meat dishes) and it was plenty of food. I can see no reason why the large appetizers and large or small main courses should not be shared. We shared one dessert. This was plenty of food for two hearty eaters.

                                                1. 3 stars or not who cares. 10 courser absolutely amazing tonight and one of the best meals I've had in NYC. Got a personalized menu (my bday weekend) and another free dish just for birthday boy, nice touch. Here's a quick breakdown.

                                                  Amuse - A beautiful array of goodies followed by a nice smoky clam chowder
                                                  Foie Gras - sweet, creamy, unique, absolutely amazing
                                                  Yook Hwe - Enjoyed it tho I enjoyed my seaweed risotto bday gift a bit more. Supposedly its a Korean tradition to eat this on birthdays as it adds a year to your life. Ordered 50 more
                                                  Jungsik Salad - Cant even begin to describe this. Simply an amazing combination of flavors
                                                  Octopus - Another big hit. Braised for 3 hours, very tender and a wonderful soy pepper sauce. one of the best Ive had
                                                  Pork Jowl - very good. Couldn't decide if I liked it more without the slightly overwhelming Blue Cheese
                                                  Paella - With quid, started slowly and was sort of growing on me and by the end loved it and the aftertaste
                                                  Snapper - Terrific. Got so excited that I forgot to take a picture. Hot oil poured on the skin to integrate nicely with the rest of it.
                                                  Steak - 2 pieces of Wagyu (as opposed to 4 the OP got). I think I would prefer with only a touch of kimchi sauce or none but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
                                                  Desserts were great. They add 2 more courses in addition. Closer to 20 when you count them all

                                                  Glorious Meal!

                                                  1. I went here back in February for my birthday based on this thread. Spending this kind of money on dining out is a stretch for me, but it sounded so amazing that I ponied up the cash for the tasting menu for two.

                                                    Sadly, I was very disappointed. It was one of those meals where my dining companion and I really wanted it to be special, especially since it was a celebration dinner, but most things fell flat. Every course that came out, I was thinking, this is the one that's going to turn the meal around. Some were beautiful little seafood compositions but had no particular amazing flavor - the uni was very good.

                                                    The desserts were seriously disappointing, with some amateurish attempts at fusion and way too sweet.

                                                    Ugh, that meal almost ruined my birthday. I try not to think about it, but everytime I see you beating the Jungsik drum I think I should comment. The tasting menu I had at Recette was a zillion times better, with superb desserts as well, and way better fusion concepts even though they're not a "fusion" restaurant.

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                                                    1. re: Peter Cuce

                                                      Yeah, I'm feeling you on this one... Was actually back there again recently and was again not blown away. I'd heard the desserts were mediocre, so the both times I've been, I've hit up locanda verde afterwards for a dessert, which never fails to please me.

                                                      1. re: FattyDumplin

                                                        Of course we can all never agree on tastes but each time I go to Jungsik, I am amazed with the quality of the food. I think the chef has a great feel for mixing flavors without overpowering the dish, always a perfect combination of consistencies and flavors. It is not a wannabee place copying other restaurants dishes, the food is quite original. I love the service and the food. It keeps getting better and better. That's my opinion and so far I'm sticking to it.

                                                        1. re: foodwhisperer

                                                          As much as my reviews state otherwise, I agree with what you've said. It's definitely unique in its flavors... some may love it, others may not. But I see your point, in that I love Locanda Verde, yet for me,the joy I get is that it executes foods I know well at such a high level. I wouldn't say the flavors or ideas are unique, just exceptionally well executed. Jungsik clearly aspires to be more... I didn't love it, but am glad I tried it because itw asdefintely something different for me.

                                                    2. Returned to Jungsik for dinner tonight. It's been more than a year since my last (and first) visit. I was welcomed as if I were a "regular" which I may become based on tonight's exquisite dinner.

                                                      Service was wonderful: knowledgeable, friendly and attentive by everyone. Definitely Michelin 2 star (if not 3 star) quality.

                                                      Last time I had the Tasting Menu, but tonight I selected from the Choice Menu. Two different amuses: one platter with 4 tastes, and a lovely rich bowl of soup. I had the mushrooms that had a nice variety (chanterelles and shiitake) and a rich aroma and taste. My captain recommended that since I wanted 4 savory dishes and 1 dessert that I should order the smaller sized dishes.

                                                      I ordered the full size portion of the Thai Lobster, and the smaller portions of the steak and duck. Perfect amount of food for me. The Thai Lobster was the finest lobster prep that I've had in a long time. The lobster was soft, and the flavors from the accompanying broth had a perfect balance of heat and sweet and sour. So glad I ordered the full portion.

                                                      Next came the duck with ginseng broth that was lovely--no gamey taste and the skin was crispy (dry aged). The wagyu steak was excellent too--kimchi sauce had a great flavor.

                                                      I chose the "citrus" dessert that was a perfect finish with a lime yogurt chiboust, ginger jelly and an Asian citrus curd.

                                                      Looking forward to my next dinner at Jungsik that I know will be soon!

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                                                        Glad to hear such a good report,. I haven't been there in a couple of months. The staff changed,one manager was there in another capacity awhile ago. The menu changed, even on dishes that have same name. I've had great lobster there, but the lobster you had sounds delicious and different from what I've had there. It's time for me to go back

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                                                          I haven't been back in about a year. While the meal was good, I just thought it didn't stack up well to the alternatives. Not a 3 star in my mind, but perhaps I should try it again.

                                                        2. Chef Jung Sik Yim was here in Hong Kong about two weeks ago and he offered a cooking class followed by a three course lunch, as well as a gala dinner at Conrad Hong Kong. I attended the former and fully enjoyed it! :)

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                                                            Fantastic! That looks like a terrific meal. The chef has been spending a lot of time in Asia. Last time I was at Jungsik, he was in Korea, I think opening a new place. That was about 2 months ago.