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Sep 11, 2012 07:33 PM

Lunch Tomorrow Near LAX Courthouse

Looking for an inexpensive-moderate lunch not far from the LAX courthouse. I'll have a car. My dining companion isn't a huge fan of Pann's. One possibility is the Thai place that some hounds -- I'm looking at you, westsidegal -- like: Araya (or is it Ayara?). Where is that, exactly, and do people have any favorite dishes there? Do they do a mee krob? Lunch specials?

I really like Big Mike's on Main in El Segundo -- good, big philly cheesesteaks. But I've been there a bunch.

It used to be a no-brainer -- I'd head to Porky's! But alas, that location on Manchester is no longer. Any of the soul food places on or near Manchester really good? Other places on Main in El Segundo?

Big portions at good prices much more of a concern than decor or atmosphere.


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  1. This is too easy! You want to go to Coni Seafood (formerly Mariscos Chente) where Sergio is at the stoves. Love the marlin tacos, but everything is great. They're at 355 West Imperial Hwy. About 5 minutes from the courthouse.

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        I like Sergio's cooking too, but there is also Al-Watan on Inglewood Avenue and it's pretty close to the courthouse also. I got into a discussion with the gas station owner from Bangaladesh and his favorites are the nehari, haleem and paya. I've those 2 (haven't got to the paya yet) plus a few others.

    1. the name of the thai place is AYARA THAI CUISINE.
      imho, their noodle dishes and their stir fry dishes are good (i often get their prik king) and i've had some good curries there, but their salads are forgettable and their spring rolls are forgettable also.

      1. Ended up going to Los Chorros, at 4693 W. Century, which was just named the third top papusa in SoCal in an LA Weekly top ten list. Each of us had one papusa, the cheese and pork with the rice flour, and the fried chicken with fries. Unfortunately, I wasn't really impressed. The fried chicken was a big order -- two breasts with wings attached. But underneath the unimpressive crust was a coating of mustard -- one of my dining companions really liked that, but I didn't. The fries were thin and limp. The papusa didn't impress me. I found it bland and detected no pork. I tried bites on its own, with some of the cabbage topping, and with the red papusa sauce, but noting salvaged it; I only ate half. Now part of my impression was marred because their ice machine was broken -- I am a huge ice fan and always order an extra glass of ice along with an ice-water with lots of ice -- so that didn't help my mood. total bill was around $14-15 per person including tax and tip and my companions had Cokes and bottled waters, so that was very reasonable. Just wish I had enjoyed the food more.