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Sep 11, 2012 07:31 PM

Columbus - Downtown and on foot

I will be in Columbus for 5 days and 4 nights. I'm staying downtown for a conference and will not have a car. I'm looking for places within walking distance of capitol square (within 1 mile, no more than 1.5). Especially great coffee and light breakfast in the morning and gastropub/casual bistro at night.

Budget is less than $10 for breakfast (roll or fruit and coffee) and $25 for an entree and 1 drink for dinner.

Also, I'm a single female so if a place is a pick-up joint/super romantic/in a dodgy neighborhood a heads up is appreciated.

TIA - if any Columbus hounds are ever in Iowa City I will be happy to reciprocate tips!


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  1. There is not much night life down around Capital Square. You are like in a dead zone (to me) for foodie spots.

    South in German Village, there is Pistacia Vera - great coffee pastry shop. Love the macaroons. Not the cheapest but should be able to afford a pastry and coffee for $10.
    541 South 3rd Street Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 220-9070

    A building over is Katzingers - Good bagels, even better sandwiches. Think a mesh of Kats in NY and Zingerman's in MI. Close earlier ~ 8PM.
    475 South 3rd Street Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 228-3354

    Cup of Joe is my favorite local coffee shop chain. They are around you but may be a bit of a hike.

    Moving North by the convention center there is a market called North Market. This is a gold mine! Jeni's Ice Cream, Hurberts Polish Food, Clever Crow Pizza, and such. Kind of like East Side Market in Cleveland but smaller with focus on food stalls.
    59 Spruce Street Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 221-7237

    Out side of that, it may be a bit too far to hoof it.

    1. I'd try De-Novo Bistro across from Columbus Commons on High. Nice bar to eat at, live jazz sometimes, and creative food. Deepwood across from the convention center (behind construction scaffolding) has great happy hour specials at the bar and 2 really good menus, one vegetarian and one not. Jury Room is right off High and is more of a home-food, lsightly hipster-ish bar atmosphere. Cafe Brioso has great coffee. I'd feel comfortable walking to any of these places in the evening.

      1. If you head down to German Village, be sure to check out Schmidt's Sausage Haus -- it's a Columbus classic. Great German food, very causal. I've also heard good things about the nearby The Old Mohawk. Not far from that is the original Max & Erma's.

        1. Thanks for all of the great advice! I'm going to try as many suggestions as possible, and I'll be sure to report back. Sounds like I won't go hungary!

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            Sidebar 122 on Main Street is good for dinner, they have small plates and regular sized items. In German Village Harvest Pizzeria is getting excellent reviews though I haven't made it there yet (lunch and dinner). Dempsey's is right across from the new courthouse and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          2. Thanks for all the tips. The conference ended up providing several meals, but I had Jeni's ice cream and some bits of cheese and bread and the like from North Market. North Market was great, it was nice to have a bit to eat in my room at the end of the day and I bought a bottle of wine, which kept me out of the hotel bar and it's crazy prices. My last night I was about to go to Deepwood, but ended up next door at Knead, since it seemed more casual. I had a really nice meal there and the prices were reasonable. Thanks for all the advice!

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              Wonderful! I have yet to make it to Knead.

              Did you get to try a lot of Jeni's flavors?

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                I made it to Jeni's 3! times - salted carmel, cayenne, goat cheese & roasted cherries, and sweet corn & blackberries in various combinations. It's probably good there isn't something similar near by - otherwise I would need new pants.