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Sep 11, 2012 06:31 PM

A back room for twelve in NYC. $100 per person. WHERE?

Having a big sit down meeting with our business folk and the spouses--a celebration of a good year! $100 a person total is a good guideline (but that's including booze too) Is there a spot with a good back room for a party of 12 where we can all talk easily? The old Miriam's back room used to be our go to. Good food of almost any stripe would work--it's really down to the room!

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  1. Congee Village and Oriental Garden both have good private rooms.

    1. loi has private rooms. great space, wonderful food.

      1. BLT prime has a few back room options, maybe more like 120PP, Maialino has a back room. I guess if you guys are really celebrating, both of those will go over.

        1. You could try DBGB Kitchen. Their back room is fantastic. I've had a few big dinners there.

          1. Trattoria cinque has a nice back room.. Don't know if they have a particular menu for it though..