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Sep 11, 2012 05:48 PM

Santa Cruz - Seeking Bar/Restaurant with T.V.


The fiancé and I will be in Santa Cruz this upcoming Sunday for the Skimbash event and we are looking for a restaurant/bar that has a television (49er game at 5pm). Now, I'm sure there are plenty of places with a rowdy scene, but I am looking for something more subdued and the number one priority (besides the game, of course) is great food.

The one option I have come across is Aquarius in The Dream Inn, but I'm slightly skeptical on hotel restaurants (but have been proven wrong on some amazing occasions!). Any input?

Thanks in advanced!

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  1. The Crow's Nest, Ideal Bar & Grill, and Seabright Brewery come to my mind. Crow's Nest has a separate bar, and restaurant menu. The seafood is equal to any places on the wharf IMO. In nearby Aptos is Bittersweet Bistro which is nice, and a little more upscale.

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      Thanks for the rec's!! Bittersweet Bistro looks fun and with some great eats!!

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        Sorry - that comment was on the wrong thread